Anika Island Resort in Bantayan Island Cebu + Review, Room Rates

Anika Island Resort is one among the best resorts in Bantayan Island Island, Cebu, Philippines. Located in Santa Fe, this Bantayan Island resort is very near to Sta.Fe Port Ferry – gateway of Bantayan island if you are coming from mainland Cebu.

Anika Island Resort Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines

Anika Island Resort, Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines

Highly Rated Bantayan Island Resort

Annika Island Resort is a highly rated resort in Bantayan island. The average ratings of guests who have visited Anika Island Resort are higher compared to other resorts in the island. Below are the average ratings of Anika Island Resort as of March 1, 2018:

  • Tripadvisor – 4 out of 5 (Excellent)
  • Agoda – 8.4 out of 10 (Excellent)
  • Travelbook – 4.6 out of 5 (Excellent)
Anika Island Resort

Anika Island Resort

The rating and reviews made us decide to book Anika Island Resort for our first night in Bantayan Island. For a discounted room rate, we booked our Anika Island Resort cottage via Travelbook. Like us, you too can enjoy huge discounts by booking HERE or HERE.

Hassle Free Check-In

Upon arriving in Sta.Fe port, we hailed a tricycle to bring us to Anika Island Resort. Travel time from port to the resort is roughly 5 minutes. Fare is 20 Php ($0.40) per person.

The check-in process was a breeze. I just told them that I booked thru Travelbook.  The Anika Island Resort reception asked me to fill-out a short guest information form. And that’s it! They did not bother to ask for the booking reference number.

Good Customer Service

Most online reviews indicate that Anika Island Resort has good customer service. The reception experience upon our check-in was okay but Jason, the staff who assisted us to our room, made us feel very special.  He was very polite and helpful. Jason carried our bags while heading us to our cottage. He even shared useful information about the tourists attractions and some useful tips during our stay in the island. Apart from Jason, the staff especially the guards were very helpful. The check-out was also a breeze and the staff in the reception were very friendly.

Iconic Sun-Basking Area

Anika Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines

Anika Island Resort

Among all Bantayan Island Resorts, Anika Island Resort has the most beautiful and iconic beach bed area. They have this huge Anika signage which is guests and passers-by have their pictures taken.

Unique and Neatly Arranged Cottages

Anika Island Resort’s property is small in land area. However, they utilized its limited real estate and ensured that the swimming pool, cottages and other facilities are strategically situated. Also, this Bantayan resort has unique and beautiful cottages which walls are primarily made of container vans.

Well-Kept Surroundings and Beachfront

Common areas such as the beachfront, garden and restaurant are always clean. During our entire stay at Anika Island Resort, we often see resort’s staff cleaning around the resort. Since we visited on a season where there are seaweeds in the beachfront, there is a designated staff who makes sure to clean and remove the seaweeds on the shore.

Anika Island Resort’s Garden View Room

Garden View Cottages Anika Resort Bantayan

Garden View Cottages Anika Resort Bantayan

Since an Ocean View Room is too pricey for us, we opted to book a Garden View Room via Travelbook. We booked the room at 2,544 Php (approx. $50.88) instead of 2,700 Php (approx. $54).

The room or should I say the cottage has a veranda with a dinette set. This is also the area in your cottage where smoking is allowed. The room comes with an LCD cable TV, air-conditioning unit, closet and safe deposit box. We personally loved the comfortable bed and 3 pillows. Our only rant is the Wifi which we weren’t able to use to slow internet connection.

The toilet and bath come with bath towels, soap and toothpaste.  There is hot and cold shower and the toilet has a bidet. The water pressure was good too. Overall, the room and the toilet and bath are very clean.

View from our cottage's veranda

View from our cottage’s veranda

Anika Island Resort Room Rates

Anika Island Resort easily gets fully booked even lean-season. Book your Anika room in advance HERE or HERE.

Ocean View Room

Ocean View Cottages

Ocean View Cottages

These are beachfront rooms in the resort. Nearest to the iconic beach bed area of Anika Island Resort. An Ocean View Room is good for 3 persons and costs 4,000 Php (approx. $80) a night.

Garden View Room

These rooms are situated right behind the Ocean View Rooms but still near the beach. Guests in these rooms will enjoy the garden view of the resort.  If you have kids, these rooms are also the nearest to the resort’s playground. A Garden View Room is good for 2 persons at 2,700 Php (approx. $54) a night.

Sunset Pool Side

Sunset Pool Side Rooms are the nearest to the resort’s pool. These rooms remind me of Boracay’s Hennan Prime Beach Resort direct pool access rooms. With 2 single bed, veranda and view of the resort’s pool at 2,900 Php (approx. $58) a night.

Poolside cottages

Poolside cottages

Beach Villa

Choose from a single detached villa good for 3 persons for 4,200 Php (approx. $84) or duplex villa good for 3 persons at 3,700 Php (approx. $74) a night.

Courtyard Room

Situated at the back part of the resort. These are the rooms nearest to the entrance of Anika Island Resort. These are the cheapest rooms in the resort at 2,000 Php (approx. $40) a night.

Recommended Bantayan Beach Resort

Overall, I would recommend Anika Island Beach Resort to anyone who is visiting Bantayan Island in Cebu. The entire resort and the cottages are well-maintained. Customer service is good. And of course the beach is awesome!

Anika Island Resort

Address: F. Roska St., Brgy. Okoy
Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island 6047
Cebu, Philippines
Mobile: (+63) 917 328 4898 / (+63) 999 886 4465 / (+63) 922 843 9517
Telephone: (+63 32) 438-9073
Discounted online booking HERE / HERE