Hoyohoy Villas – Boutique Beach Resort in Bantayan Island Cebu, Philippines + Blog Review, Room Rates

Hoyohoy Villas Resort

Hoyohoy Villas is one among the many resorts in the beautiful Bantayan Island in Cebu, Philippines. The only boutique resort in Bantayan Island, Hoyohoy Villas showcases unique villas, beautiful landscapes and peaceful atmosphere perfect for relaxation.

Here’s a short video of Hoyohoy Villas Bantayan Island:

Hoyohoy Villas Resort
Hoyohoy Villas Resort

Strategic Location

Located in F. Roska St., Talisay, Hoyohoy Villas is very near Santa Fe port – the gateway of Bantayan Island.   Hoyohoy Villas is just 5-minute tricycle or motorcycle ride away from the port. Meaning, you will not have to endure long travel to the resort once you arrive in Bantayan Island.

This Bantayan resort is also near to Sante Fe Poblacion where the public market, souvenir shops, church and most of the bars and restaurants are located.

Perfect Bantayan Resort for Relaxation

If you are looking for a resort to relax, Hoyohoy Villas is the best resort in Bantayan Island.  With only 6 villas and 2 casitas rooms, Hoyohoy Villas is definitely less crowded compared to more popular resorts in the island.  The peaceful ambiance makes Hoyohoy Villas stand out among the rest of Bantayan beach resorts.

Stylish beach beds
Stylish beach beds
Lovely place to relax.
Lovely place to relax.

The resort’s beachfront has 2 stylish beach beads, 2 cabanas with pillows and mattresses and a wooden swing chair. There are also beach beds with leather mattresses around the resort’s vicinity.

Our favorite spot in Hoyohoy Villas!q
Our favorite spot in Hoyohoy Villas!

During our stay in Hoyohoy Villas, we felt like we rented the entire resort. There are only few guests and we rarely see them hanging out in the beachfront.

Unique Architecture and Beautiful Landscape

Hoyohoy Villa’s Iconic Swimming Pool

Being a boutique resort, Hoyohoy Villas will not disappoint you. It may be limited in real estate but it’s Instagram worthy surroundings compensates. Its villas are unique and the entire resort’s landscape is truly promising. The six villas in stilts are carefully arranged providing a good view of the stylish swimming pool right in the heart of the resort.

The Villas

Hoyohoy Villas has a total of 6 rice granary inspired villas. 5 of which have single rooms and the other villa has 2 rooms.  The villas are named after various kinds of winds:

  • Habagat (Southwest wind) – beachfront villa
  • Amihan (Cool Northeast Monsoon) – beachfront villa
  • Timog (Southwind)
  • Kanaway (Northwestern wind) – has 2 rooms
  • Syatan (Southwestern wind)
  • Kadulhoan (Southeastern wind)

Interestingly enough, villas invoke elegance of the past combined with comfort of the present. This creates a truly relaxing atmosphere during your stay in the resort. Each villa has a unique concept and are all simple and elegant. Rooms come with air-conditioning unit, cable TV, minibar, telephone for the reception. Toilet and batch comes with hot tub.

High-End Resort with Budget-Friendly Room Options

Hoyohoy Villas is one of the few high-end resorts in Bantayan Island.  There is undoubtedly a price to pay for the resort’s beautiful landscapes, unique villas, breathtaking beachfront, peaceful ambiance and great customer service. A villa is priced from 5,000 Php (approx. $100) to 6,000 Php (approx. $120). However, if you are on a budget and want to stay at Hoyohoy Villas, they offer 2 affordable and budget-friendly “Casitas Frangipani” rooms at only 3,000 Php a night.

Hoyohoy Villas Room Rates

  • Beachfront Villas (good for 2 persons)– 6,000 Php
  • Regular Villas(good for 2 persons) – 5,000 Php
  • Casitas Frangipani (good for 2 persons) – 3,000 Php

Tip: Instead of paying the publish room rate, you can enjoy huge discounts by booking your Hoyohoy villa/room HERE.

Hoyohoy Villas’ Casitas Room

The 2 Casitas rooms are located near the entrance and right before the reception of the resort.  It is technically the farthest from the beachfront but near the reception and restaurant. Being farthest to the beachfront is not an issue since you get to pass by and enjoy the beautiful landscape and architecture of the resort when you’re going to the beachfront.

Casitas Rooms
Casitas Rooms

Unlike the villas which scream elegance, Casitas rooms are simple and modern. The matching finish of doors and ceiling adds up to the modern feel. The white walls compliment to the floor of the entire room.

A Casitas room comes with an air-conditioning unit with remote, bed side glass tables, night lamps and stylish sofa. The bed and the 2 ordinary and 2 goose down pillows are very comfortable. There is also an interesting art piece above the bed headboard.

The toilet and bath was a surprise! Once you open the sliding door, the shower area with a natural light ceiling will greet you. The Zen like look and feel of the shower area is truly surprising! On the right of the shower area is the vanity area with huge mirror and basic Hoyohoy Villas toiletries. On the left is the toilet area accentuated by the wall art and a cool ladder-like towel rack.

Jen and I originally wanted a villa because of the outdoor shower. Since a villa is too expensive for us, we booked a Casistas room instead. Well, the Casitas room did not disappoint! We felt like we were staying in a hotel.

As of March 2018, there are only 2 available Casitas rooms and another 2 are under construction.

Tip: We paid 2,700+ Pesos (approx. $54) instead of 3,000 Php  (approx. $60)for the Casitas Frangipani Room. You too can enjoy a discounted villa/room by booking HERE.

Hoyohoy Villas’ Beachfront Villa (Amihan)

Beachfront Villa Habagat (rightmost villa)
Beachfront Villa Amihan (rightmost villa)

One of the two beachfront villas in Hoyohoy Villas is “Amihan”. The Villa Amihan’s ground level comes with a Spanish colonial era inspired furnitures and fixtures such as dining set, cabinet and a treasure chest and a single bed.

The second level is an elegant room with an air-conditioning unit, cable TV, mini refrigerator, bench, bed side table with a stylish lamp, human size mirror, dinette set, wooden speaker and a stylish sofa. I personally love the flat screen cable TV placed in an easel. Just like its ground level, the room’s Filipino-Spanish colonial inspired design is truly elegant.  Something that art and history lovers will love!

Just like the Casitas room, the villa’s toilet and bath is also a surprise! It comes with the basic Hoyohoy Villas toiletries, bath tub and an outdoor garden shower!

View from the beachfront villa
View from the beachfront villa

Superb Customer Service

We checked-in at 3 beach resorts during our 4-day Bantayan Island visit – Anika Island Resort, Beach Placid and Hoyohoy Villas. Among these 3 Bantayan beach resorts, I should say that Hoyohoy Villas has the best customer service!

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Welcome drinks
Leah, one of the staff, serves the welcome drinks

We were warmly and greeted upon our arrival in the resort. After the fast check-in, Leah, one of the resort’s staff, surprised us by serving welcome drinks. We also borrowed a knife, pate and forks for the mangoes we bought outside.  They did not hesitate and immediately provided our request.

All the staff are accommodating and polite. Throughout our stay, given that we booked their cheapest room, we felt special and valued just like other guests who were staying in the more expensive villas.

I even asked Leah if I can take photos and videos of one of their villas. After waiting for a couple of minutes, they granted my request! I was able to check-out their most expensive beachfront villa!

Lastly, we were a bit beyond the 12 PM check-out as we were still packing our things. They allowed us to stay a little longer without extra cost. They even proactively arranged a tricycle that will bring us to the Santa Fe port right after our check-out.

Highly Recommended Bantayan Beach Resort

I would definitely recommend Hoyohoy Villas if you are visiting Bantayan Island in Cebu.  Location is strategic.  The resort’s atmosphere is serene and peaceful. The villas are beautiful and elegant and the Casitas rooms are neat and stylish. And of course, customer service is great! I would definitely check-in here on my next Bantayan Island visit!

Hoyohoy Villas Bantayan Island

  • Address: F Roska St. Bgy. Talisay, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu
  • Contact Numbers: (032) 3240208 / (032) 4389018
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Online booking with discounted room rates HERE


Anika Island Resort in Bantayan Island Cebu + Review, Room Rates

Anika Island Resort is one among the best resorts in Bantayan Island Island, Cebu, Philippines. Located in Santa Fe, this Bantayan Island resort is very near to Sta.Fe Port Ferry – gateway of Bantayan island if you are coming from mainland Cebu.

Anika Island Resort Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines
Anika Island Resort, Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines

Highly Rated Bantayan Island Resort

Annika Island Resort is a highly rated resort in Bantayan island. The average ratings of guests who have visited Anika Island Resort are higher compared to other resorts in the island. Below are the average ratings of Anika Island Resort as of March 1, 2018:

  • Tripadvisor – 4 out of 5 (Excellent)
  • Agoda – 8.4 out of 10 (Excellent)
  • Travelbook – 4.6 out of 5 (Excellent)
Anika Island Resort
Anika Island Resort

The rating and reviews made us decide to book Anika Island Resort for our first night in Bantayan Island. For a discounted room rate, we booked our Anika Island Resort cottage via Travelbook. Like us, you too can enjoy huge discounts by booking HERE or HERE.

Hassle Free Check-In

Upon arriving in Sta.Fe port, we hailed a tricycle to bring us to Anika Island Resort. Travel time from port to the resort is roughly 5 minutes. Fare is 20 Php ($0.40) per person.

The check-in process was a breeze. I just told them that I booked thru Travelbook.  The Anika Island Resort reception asked me to fill-out a short guest information form. And that’s it! They did not bother to ask for the booking reference number.

Good Customer Service

Most online reviews indicate that Anika Island Resort has good customer service. The reception experience upon our check-in was okay but Jason, the staff who assisted us to our room, made us feel very special.  He was very polite and helpful. Jason carried our bags while heading us to our cottage. He even shared useful information about the tourists attractions and some useful tips during our stay in the island. Apart from Jason, the staff especially the guards were very helpful. The check-out was also a breeze and the staff in the reception were very friendly.

Iconic Sun-Basking Area

Anika Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines
Anika Island Resort

Among all Bantayan Island Resorts, Anika Island Resort has the most beautiful and iconic beach bed area. They have this huge Anika signage which is guests and passers-by have their pictures taken.

Unique and Neatly Arranged Cottages

Anika Island Resort’s property is small in land area. However, they utilized its limited real estate and ensured that the swimming pool, cottages and other facilities are strategically situated. Also, this Bantayan resort has unique and beautiful cottages which walls are primarily made of container vans.

Well-Kept Surroundings and Beachfront

Common areas such as the beachfront, garden and restaurant are always clean. During our entire stay at Anika Island Resort, we often see resort’s staff cleaning around the resort. Since we visited on a season where there are seaweeds in the beachfront, there is a designated staff who makes sure to clean and remove the seaweeds on the shore.

Anika Island Resort’s Garden View Room

Garden View Cottages Anika Resort Bantayan
Garden View Cottages Anika Resort Bantayan

Since an Ocean View Room is too pricey for us, we opted to book a Garden View Room via Travelbook. We booked the room at 2,544 Php (approx. $50.88) instead of 2,700 Php (approx. $54).

The room or should I say the cottage has a veranda with a dinette set. This is also the area in your cottage where smoking is allowed. The room comes with an LCD cable TV, air-conditioning unit, closet and safe deposit box. We personally loved the comfortable bed and 3 pillows. Our only rant is the Wifi which we weren’t able to use to slow internet connection.

The toilet and bath come with bath towels, soap and toothpaste.  There is hot and cold shower and the toilet has a bidet. The water pressure was good too. Overall, the room and the toilet and bath are very clean.

View from our cottage's veranda
View from our cottage’s veranda

Anika Island Resort Room Rates

Anika Island Resort easily gets fully booked even lean-season. Book your Anika room in advance HERE or HERE.

Ocean View Room

Ocean View Cottages
Ocean View Cottages

These are beachfront rooms in the resort. Nearest to the iconic beach bed area of Anika Island Resort. An Ocean View Room is good for 3 persons and costs 4,000 Php (approx. $80) a night.

Garden View Room

These rooms are situated right behind the Ocean View Rooms but still near the beach. Guests in these rooms will enjoy the garden view of the resort.  If you have kids, these rooms are also the nearest to the resort’s playground. A Garden View Room is good for 2 persons at 2,700 Php (approx. $54) a night.

Sunset Pool Side

Sunset Pool Side Rooms are the nearest to the resort’s pool. These rooms remind me of Boracay’s Hennan Prime Beach Resort direct pool access rooms. With 2 single bed, veranda and view of the resort’s pool at 2,900 Php (approx. $58) a night.

Poolside cottages
Poolside cottages

Beach Villa

Choose from a single detached villa good for 3 persons for 4,200 Php (approx. $84) or duplex villa good for 3 persons at 3,700 Php (approx. $74) a night.

Courtyard Room

Situated at the back part of the resort. These are the rooms nearest to the entrance of Anika Island Resort. These are the cheapest rooms in the resort at 2,000 Php (approx. $40) a night.

Recommended Bantayan Beach Resort

Overall, I would recommend Anika Island Beach Resort to anyone who is visiting Bantayan Island in Cebu. The entire resort and the cottages are well-maintained. Customer service is good. And of course the beach is awesome!

Anika Island Resort

Address: F. Roska St., Brgy. Okoy
Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island 6047
Cebu, Philippines
Mobile: (+63) 917 328 4898 / (+63) 999 886 4465 / (+63) 922 843 9517
Telephone: (+63 32) 438-9073
Discounted online booking HERE / HERE


Paradise Island Resort in Samal Island, Davao + Review, Room Rates, Tips

Beach front Paradise Island Samal Davao

Samal Island is located in the province of Davao del Norte in Philippines. Also known as the Island City Garden of Samal, this island is just 2 kilometers away from Davao city proper. With its proximity to the city, Samal island is the most visited tourist attraction in Davao region.

Samal island is said to be the largest resort city in the Philippines. With its beautiful white sand beaches and various beach resorts, Samal island is a perfect getaway for beach lovers. If you are visiting the island, Samal’s most popular beach resort is Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort.

Beach front of Paradise Island Samal
Beach front of Paradise Island Samal

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is the most popular resort in the island. Being the most accessible resort, Paradise Island is the most visited resort among locals and tourists alike. Also, locals say that Paradise island has the most beautiful beach front among the long list of affordable beach resorts in Samal.

Paradise Island
Paradise Island

How to Get to Paradise Island Davao

Getting to Paradise Island is a breeze. If you are coming from Davao airport or to any point in Davao City, just ride a taxi and inform the driver to bring you to the port going to Paradise Island. Note that there is a public port to Samal Island and there is a port exclusively for Paradise Island guests. Inform the taxi driver to bring you to the latter. In the port, exclusive boat transfers are available at an affordable price.

Boat Transfer Rates

  • Regular rate – 20 Php
  • Senior Citizen/PWD – 15 Php
  • Below 2 yrs. old & infants – free

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort Rates

sunset view of Davao City from Paradise island
sunset view of Davao City from Paradise island

This Samal island beach resort offers various rates depending on your budget. If you are on a budget and wants to stay overnight, a beach overnight stay would cost you only 350 Php. If you have spare money, you can enjoy their luxurious Premier Room for two at only 4,000 Php. For those who are pressed of time, day tour rates are also available.  For the complete rates, please see list below:

Paradise Island Samal Room Rates – including entrance fee

  • Premier Room – 4,000 Php
  • Deluxe Room – 3,700 Php
  • Family Room (minimum of 20 PAX and maximum of 40 PAX) – 800 Php / PAX
  • *extra person – 350 Php
  • *extra bed – 400 Php

Day Tour Rate – 200 Php

Beach Overnight – 350 Php

Tip: Instead of booking directly to the resort, we booked online and enjoyed almost 300 Php off on Paradise Island’s Deluxe Room. Get huge discounts on your Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort stay HERE.

Superb Customer Service

Paradise Island Reception
Paradise Island Reception

I should say that I did not expect regarding the resort’s customer service. The room rates are indication that were are staying in a mid-range resort where customer service are usually okay-ish. Well, I was wrong.

The moment we arrived in the resort, we were immediately assisted by one of the staff. He carried our heavy backpacks and assisted us to the reception area. Since we booked our room an hour before arriving in the resort, our reservation was not in the resort’s system yet. While waiting, they served us welcome drinks. We waited for less than 30 minutes and were assisted by the resort’s staff to our Deluxe Room.

Throughout our stay in the resort, we felt very special. Each and every staff we bump into genuinely and warmly greeted us. The staff in Kaanan, the resort’s restaurant are very welcoming and accommodating. The VIP treatment starts the moment you step into the resort’s property.

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Deluxe Room – More of a Villa Than a Room

Deluxe Room Paradise Island
Deluxe Room Paradise Island

Well, the Deluxe Room was another surprise! I was literally expecting a room but it was actually a villa. Just like other villas, the entire place is surrounded by trees and plants. Truly relaxing! There is a walkway leading you to the gate of the fenced villa.  I personally love the privacy you get due to the fenced lawn.

The villa itself has a veranda with a wooded dinette set. You get a mix or modern and Filipiniana vibe as entire structure is concrete yet has Filipino touch. There are light bulbs covered in Capiz shells and portions of walls are covered in ‘banig’.

*Banig is a handwoven mat made of dried leaves. These are usually used for sleeping in the Philippines. 

Tip: Note that not all Deluxe rooms are villa-type. There are rooms located on the rear area of the resort’s properties which are duplex-type. Make sure to ask the reception if villa-type rooms are available during your check-in.

Simple, Classy and Elegant

Duluxe Room
Duluxe Room

Inside the villa, you get the same vibe. The interiors are consistent with the modern Filipiana theme. There are portions in the walls with *banig frames. The white walls accentuated by dark brown furnitures and fixtures make the entire room look classy and elegant.

The entire room is very clean and spacious. The comfortable bed and pillows in white linens and pillow cases are something you experience when you visit high-end hotels. There is a vanity area than can also serve as a work area. No need to worry about your clothes as there is a floor to ceiling dresser with a safety box deposit.

The toilet & bath is also very clean and spacious. Paradise Island toiletries such as toilet papers, soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes and cotton buds are provided. The toilet and the bath areas are separated by a shower curtain. My only rant is the toilet lacking bidet. Nonetheless, the water pressure is not an issue for a relaxing hot and cold shower.

Overall, the entire room is very simple, clean, elegant and classy.


Here is the short video of our Premier Room in Paradise Island:

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is not just for beach lovers. What sets  Paradise island resort apart from other Samal island resorts are the fun-filled and educational activities guests get to experience in the resort.

Ameneties, Activities and Events in Paradise Island

Birds of Paradise – This attraction showcases various birds such as pigeons, parrots, eagles, lorries, hornbills, lovebirds and doves. During our visit, we have also seen other animal creatures such as snake and deers.

Children’s Playground – This area in the resort is truly a paradise for kids and kids at heart!

Jen enjoying in the playground

Kananan – Kananan means ‘a place to eat’. It is a spacious dining area by the beach giving guests panoramic views of Davao City, Davao Gulf and Mount Apo.

Restaurant at Paradise Island Resort Davao
Restaurant at Paradise Island Resort Davao

During our stay, we had our snacks, dinner and breakfast at Kananan – the resort’s one and only restaurant.

To me, their menu are a bit pricey. Nonetheless, food taste good. For their complete menu, please see links below:

Menu 1, 2, 3 & 4

Tip: Note that food and drinks are strictly prohibited when checking-in at any room in Paradise island. For breakfast and dinner, Kananan is the go-to place of guests in the resort.  However, Bringing food is allowed to guest staying overnight by the beach. There are guests who usually spend the night on cottages and tents. Their dining area is separate from the Kananan’s area.

Souvenir Shop – This is a mini store offering beach items and souvenirs. The resort’s souvenir shop also operates the recreational games and water sports.

Recreational Games – If you are visiting with your friends, enjoy various recreational activities such as billiards, ping-pong, beach volleyball, darts and table soccer.


  • Darts – 50 Php for 30 minutes
  • Billiards – 50 Php for 30 minutes
  • Pingpong – 40 Php for 30 minutes
  • Table Soccer – 50 Php for 30 minutes
  • Giant Chess – 50 Php for 30 minutes
  • Volleyball – 50 Php for 30 minutes

Water Sports – Adventure seeker? Paradise Island will not disappoint you! They offer kayaking, power paddling, snorkeling, scuba diving and many more water sports activities!



  • Kayak (single) – 90 Php for 30 minutes
  • Kayak (double) – 15 Php for 30 minutes
  • Power Paddler (small) – 120 Php for 30 minutes
  • Power Paddler (big) – 150 Php for 30 minutes

Spa – If you want to relax and rejuvinate, Paradise island has alimaspa. They offer whole body, head and foot massage. Room service is also available.


  • Badan (whole body massage) – 500 Php per hour
  • U’o (head massage) – 400 Php per hour
  • Siki (foot massage) – 400 Php per hour

Samal Island Tour – If you want to further explore Samal Island, Paradise Island also offers ‘Experience Samal’ island tour. Destinations include Bat Cave, Hagimit falls and Citrus farm. The tour costs 1,750 Php for a maximum of 8 persons. For more information and tour reservation, contact 0920 9813486 or (082) 2845730.

Sounds and Sights of Paradise – Your Paradise Island Davao stay becomes more exciting and memorable with its various shows such as Fire Show, Harana Serenade, Live Band and Sirko atbp.

During our visit to the resort, we were lucky to have witnessed the live band, fire show and circus (sirko atbp.)

Fire Dance
Fire Dance


  • Fire Show – 7 PM
  • Live Band – 11 AM and 7 PM
  • Circus (sirko atbp.) – 12:15 PM (weekends and holidays)
circus at Paradise Island
circus at Paradise Island

Other tips:

  • As expected, the resort may be a bit crowded during summer time. April-May.
  • To avoid hassles, book your Paradise Island room ahead of time. Discounted room rates HERE.
  • To witness the circus, it is recommended to visit the island during weekends or holidays.
  • Bring enough money before going to Paradise island. There is no ATM in the resort.
  • If you are on a budget, do not order drinks in the resort’s restaurant. They serve service water.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay in Paradise island park and beach resort. The entire resort is clean and well-maintained. Villas are simple but classy. And of course, customer service is superb! Being a first timer in the beautiful Samal island, the experience was really good. I would definitely return to this Samal island beach resort the next time I visit Davao!

Paradise Island Samal Davao

  • Contact Numbers: (+63 82) 233-0251, 234-1229, 300-2343
  • Cheap online booking HERE.

Affordable Resort in Camiguin Island – Marianita’s Cottages

Marianita's Cottages Camiguin Philippines

If you are planning to visit the beautiful Camiguin province, there is a number of resorts and accommodations in the island. For luxury travelers, there are high-end but expensive resorts such as Balai sa Baibai and Guerrera Rice Paddy Villas. On the other hand, for budget travelers, you may stay at GV Hotel Camiguin or The Yellow House in Camiguin. There are also mid-range resorts if you want comfort and convenience, one of which is my highly recommended resort – Marianita’s Cottages.

beachfront rooms at Marianita's Cottages
beachfront rooms at Marianita’s Cottages

Peaceful and Quiet Location

Marianita’s Cottages is situated along Camiguin Circumferential Road, Mambajao, Camiguin. It is ideally located in the center of Yumbing bay ad just across Camiguin’s white island. The resort is 7 kilometers away from Mambajao proper which makes its surroundings more peaceful and quiet.

non-beachfront rooms
non-beachfront rooms
The resort’s proximity to various Camiguin island tourist spots is also an advantage. The port going to Camiguin’s famous white island is just 2 minute multicab/tricycle away from Marianita’s cottages. Marianita’s Cottages is also close to many restaurants and food places in Mambajo. It is also 10 minutes away from Camiguin airport.

Very Clean and Well-Maintained Resort

Surprisingly, Marianita’s Cottages is very clean. The resort’s real estate may be limited but the location of rooms, reception and the beachfront area were artistically and carefully planned. Each room has its own balcony with a dinette set. Cool signages can be seen pointing to the cottages and the beach. The beach front cottages are just few steps away from the mini bar and beach beds.

The spacious rooms are very clean, simple yet stylish. I personally loved the bed and pillows. The lines and pillow cases are very clean and are of high quality. They’re very comfortable and can be at par with that of high-end resorts. The flooring is also something unique and special. The air-conditioned rooms also comes with a cable LCD TV, free WiFi, mini sofa, dresser, basic toiletries and personal refrigerator. If you want some snacks or drinks, the refrigerator is packed with snacks, bottled water, juices and beers. The stylish toilet and bath is also very clean and comes with a hot and cold shower.

Marianita’s Cottages Room Rates

Marianita’s Cottages room rates are very affordable. Below are the published room rates of this Camiguin resort:

  • Standard Room (fan) for 2 PAX- 1,200 Php (24 USD)
  • Superior Room (Air Conditioned) for 2 PAX – 1,500 Php (30 USD)
  • Beach Front Room (Air Conditioned) for 2 PAX – 1,800 Php (36 USD)
  • Front Beach Suite (Air Conditioned) for up to 4 PAX – 2,100 Php (42 USD)

Tip: Rates are cheaper if you book online HERE. I was able to book the Superior Room (non-beachfront room) few hours before checking-in  at 1,400 Php instead of 1,500 Php. Rates are cheaper if you book ahead of your Camiguin visit.

Highly Recommended Camiguin Resort

I would highly recommend Marianita’s Cottages to anyone who is visiting Camiguin island. The rooms and the entire resort are very clean and well-maintained. The receptionists Bem-bem and Jen along with the owner are very friendly and accommodating. I had my Camiguin island tour during my second day in the island. I had to check-out before 12 PM, left my backpack in the resort and continued with my tour. When I returned to Marianita’s, they were so kind to even offer me free use of their shower. They truly know what customer service is!

Marianita’s Cottages

Contact Number: +639171045304

Address: Purok 2- Yumbing, National Highway 9100 Mambajao, Camiguin

Online Booking HERE


Henann Prime Beach Resort – Station 1 Boracay Hotel – Premier Room Review

Henann Prime Luxury Boracay Hotel

Henann Prime Beach Resort Boracay is the newest addition in Henann Group of hotels chain in Boracay island, Philippines. Situated in Station 1, Henann Prime Beach Resort offers the best beachfront experience to its in-house guests. This luxury Boracay resort also offers mouth-watering dishes at its al fresco Sea Salt Cafe which provides an incomparable view of the white sand and pristine waters of Boracay.

There are countless reasons to fall in love with Henann Prime Beach Resort! I’ve written a separate blog post about my 7 reasons why Henann Prime Beach Resort is a perfect hotel for your Boracay trip.

Henann Prime Beach Resort building in main road Boracay
Henann Prime Beach Resort building in main road Boracay

From the main road, the hotel looks very new and well maintained. It stands out among its neighbouring resorts, 2 Seasons resort and Las Brisas Resort. Henan Prime Beach Resort as 2 main buildings, the Beach wing and the East wing. Rooms at Beach wing are near to the beachfront. East wing rooms on the other hand are situated near the main road. I was amazed that Henann Prime Beach Resort made a walkway connecting both East wing to the Beach wing of the resort. It definitely provides convenience to its guests whose rooms are situated on the East wing building.

Classy Lobby and Al Fresco Common Area

The hotel’s lobby is located on the ground floor of East wing building. The lobby is simple, minimalist but classy. It is spacious and cater a huge number of guests checking-in and out of the hotel.  When we arrived, there were 3 welcoming front desk staff and a concierge who assisted us with our backpacks.

The common areas along with the hallways are amazingly clean and classy. Just like the lobby and reception area, the common area and hall ways give a minimalist yet classy vibe.

Please watch my video below of Henann Prime’s reception area, lobby and hallway:

Henann Prime Beach Resort Boracay Premier Room Review

Premier rooms at Henann Prime Beach resort are located on the Beach wing of the hotel. A premier room is approximately 36 square meters.

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The key cards provided by the receptionist work perfectly. The room’s door comes with an eyelet for in-house guest’s security. Unlike in a typical hotel where the key card also serves as the power switch, rooms at Henann Prime have an automatic key card for the power. You can go outside leaving the air-conditioning unit running.

Upon entering the room, on the left side is a spacious dresser with hangers, 2 Hennan bathrobe, 2 pairs of room slippers and a safe deposit box. There is also a Henann plastic bag if you wish to avail for their in-house laundry service. On the right side is a space between the wall (with an intricate accent) and the king-sized bed.

The bed is very comfortable, definitely of high quality. Same as with 6 pillows where 2 of which are cylindrical in shape. The bed, the 300 thread count linens and pillows are the one you get to experience in 5-star hotels. There are also bed side tables with classy lamp shades.

Beside the bed is a spacious sitting area with a small sofa and a small marble clad table. On the table is Henann Prime’s welcome gift – a plateful of fruits. If you’re bringing your laptop or macbook,  across the sitting area is a work area with a huge mirror.

The room also comes with a 43″ LCD cable TV, personal refrigerator, coffee and tea making facility with a complimentary coffee and complimentary daily bottled water, individually controlled air-conditioning unit and telephone with IDD and NDD.

Surprisingly, the toilet and bath is very spacious. There is a vanity area with a long marble clad partnered with a long mirror. On the vanity area are Henann Group of resorts toiletries. We personally loved the Henann soap and shower gel. The toilet comes with a bidet spray. Bath and face towels along with a toilet matt are provided too.  The hot and cold shower area and bathtub are separated from the toilet by a glass partition. My only review for improvement is the water pressure of the bidet spray. Nonetheless, the water pressure in the shower and sink in the vanity area are excellent.

One of my favorite spot in the Premier room is the spacious balcony. There is a dinette set and an area to hang your wet clothes. We also had a Premier room on the third floor where smoking is allowed in the balcony. The room has a swimming pool view which looks very beautiful and elegant especially at night.

The entire room, toilet and bath and balcony are very clean and elegant. I love the attention to detail of the interiors. Furnishings and fixtures look expensive and of high-quality. Truly at par with high-end hotels in Manila such as Shangri-La and F1 Hotel Manila.

On our second day, we posted the make-up room outside our door. The housekeeping staff is commendable as the room was very clean the moment we returned after visiting Diniwid beach and D’ Mall.

Here’s the video clip of our room in Henann Prime Beach Resort:

Henann Prime Beach Resort Promo Package

We were grateful to have checked Henann’s website and seen Henann Prime Beach Resort offers promo packages which are cheaper to their published rates. Jen and I availed for a Splendid Package for Lean Season for 8,223.00 Php per person Ppus 275 Php government fees per person. The promo package includes the following:

  • roundtrip airport transfers (inclusive of environment and terminal fees)
  • 3 days and night accommodation
  • 2 days buffet breakfast for 2
  • 2 nights buffet dinner for 2
  • welcome drinks
  • free use of swimming pools

Tip: For Splendid Package rates and reservation, e-mail [email protected]. If you want non-package and cheaper rates, book via Agoda.

Henann Prime Boracay Philippines
Henann Prime Boracay Philippines

Highly Recommended Boracay Hotel

I should say that Henann Prime Beach Resort Boracay sets its own standards of being best in class. Henann Prime Beach Resort is truly a world-class hotel right in the Philippine’s most beautiful island – Boracay.


List of Siquijor Resorts, Accommodations, Hotels, Lodges and Pension Houses

Breathtaking Cambugahay falls

Siquijor Island is one among the underrated Philippine tourist destination amongst Filipinos. When we visited the island, we were surprised that Siquijor is becoming a popular travel destination to foreign tourists specifically to Europeans. If you are planning to visit the breathtaking province of Siquijor, there is  a good number of resorts, accommodations, lodges, pension houses and even home stays in the island.

Note that the below list is from Siquijor Provincial Tourism Office as of January 1, 2017. I highly recommend to book your Siquijor resort or accommodation prior to your trip as most these resorts and accommodations get fully booked both peak and non-peak season. I have included in the list the  online booking facility of some resorts.

List of  resorts, accommodations, hotels, lodges, pension houses, home stays in Siquijor Island Philippines

There are various municipalities in Siquijor Island. The list below is arranged by municipalities.

Municipality of Siquijor, Siquijor

Swiss Star Guest House & Restaurant

Owner: Geri & Aurelia Luginbuhl

Location: Pangi, Siquijor

Contact Number: +63 9274473010

Room Rates:

  • Aircon room 2 single beds: 950 Php
  • Aircon room with king size bed: 650 Php
  • Fan single room: 400 Php – 500 Php – 780 Php
  • Aircon single room: 500 Php

Villa Marmarine

Owner Toshito Harada

Contact Numbers: +63 9194659370

Room Rates:

Hifumi – aircon: 3,000

Blue Wave Inn Beach Resort & Restaurant

Location: Dumanhog, Siquijor

Contact Person: Venus Santarin

Owner: Edilberto Bravo

Contact Number: +63 4809190 / +63 9209826995

  • Economy: 1,150 Php
  • Standard: 1,600 Php
  • Deluxe: 2,200 Php
  • Superior: 2,500 Php
  • Entrance fee – consumable for swimming with dining only: 250 Php

Blue Wave Inn discounted room rates HERE.

Diamond de Siquijor

Contact Person: Leothy Siangco

Location: Calalinan, Siquijor

Contact Numbers: +63 950 127156 / +63 4805533

  • Aircon room for 2 PAX: 1,050 Php – 1380 Php
  • Fan room for 2 PAX: 650 Php – 1,100

All rooms have toilet & bathroom. Free breakfast for airconditioned rooms only.

Replica Manor

Owner: Mary Ann Jumawan

Contact Numbers: +63 9298401358

Location: Dumanhog, Siquijor

  • Aircon room for 2 PAX: 850 Php
  • Fan room for 2 PAX: 650 Php
  • Family room for 4 to 5 PAX: 400 Php per PAX, 200 Php for extra person

Tori’s Paradise

Owner: Ria Limatoc

Location: Dumanhog, Siquijor

Contact Number: +63 9122095781

  • Beach view room for 2 PAX (fan): 650 Php
  • Beach view room for 2 PAX (aircon): 1,250 Php
  • Family room for 6 PAX (aircon): 3,200 Php
  • Family room for 4 PAX (aircon): 2000 Php
  • Mixed dormitory: 300 Php

Tori’s Paradise discounted room rates HERE.

Das Traum Guesthouse

Owner: Joy Deandrade

Location: Pangi, Siquijor

  • Aircon room twin bed for 2 PAX: 700 Php
  • Fan troom twin bed for 2 PAX: 350 Php
  • Non aircon room with common toiler & bath for 2 PAX: 250 Php

Guiwanon Spring Park

Contact Number: 0926 4606010

Location: Luyang, Siquijor

  • cottage: 300 Php

Municipality of San Juan, Siquijor

 Salamangka Beach & Dive Resort

Contact Person: Felix or Grace

Contact Number: 09266603534/09175886837

  • Bayview (5 rooms): 5980 Php
  • Oceanview (4 rooms): 9989 Php
  • Garden Cottage (8 rooms): 3480 Php
  • Superior room (4 rooms): 10980 Php

Discounted rates HERE.

Coco Grove Beach and Dive-in Resort

If you are looking for a complete luxurious relaxation in Siquijor Island, Coco Grove Beach and Dive-in Resort is the right place for you. This resort is the largest and has the most number of  rooms compared to other resorts in Siquijor.

entrance of coco grove beach and dive resort entrance of coco grove beach and dive resort

Since we did not reserve a hotel before our Siquijor trip, we walked-in at Coco Grove Beach Resort. Unfortunately, this hotel/resorts easily gets fully booked both peak and non-peak season.

Coco Beach Resort online booking HERE


Isla Jardin Del Mar Resort in Gumasa Sarangani

Isla Jardin Glan sarangani

Isla Jardin Del Mar resort is probably the most popular beach in Gumasa Glan Saranggani. Located in the southermost part of the Philippines, Isla Jardin de Mar resort is approximately an hour and a half to 2 hours away from General Santos city.

Isla Jardin Glan sarangani
View of the other side of Isla Jardin Del Mar.

White sand beach sarangani
Isla Jardin Del Mar beach front
Isla Jardin Del Mar is a 750 meter long beach with white shoreline and pristine waters.


Gumasa Glan White Sand Beach
That calm and refreshing scenery

White sand beach in the Philippines
White sand beach of Isla Jardin Del Mar
Compared to other restorts in Glan, Isla Jardin Del mar is most favored by travel bloggers and reviewers not just for its beauty but also for it being a backpacker friendly destination.

Isla Jardin rocky
Bach during low tide
There are parts along the beach that may get a bit rocky during low tide. Nonetheless, most of the areas areas during low tide are still conducive for swimming.

Glan sarangani resort philippines
Breathtaking view of the Celebes sea from one of the walkways In Isla Jardin Del Mar

Isla Jardin del mar beach resort
Simply relaxing
Apart from the white sand beach, Isla Jardin Del Mar also has this very long cemented walkway on both ends of the shoreline. On both walkways lie rock formations that complement the blue and pristine ocean waters.

Being a popular weekend destination among locals, Isla Jardin del Mar resort easily gets fully booked during weekends.

After spending 24 hours at Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, I immediately headed to Glan. I arrived at Isla Jardin at around 8:00 PM. To my surprise, all their rooms were fully booked. I then realized that it was a Saturday and being the most visited resort in Gumasa, the resort easily gets fully booked during weekends. I was very lucky that the resort’s receptionists were very kind and accommodating. There was one unoccupied reserved room left and they tried calling the guest with the reservation. After waiting for 30 minutes, they allowed me to check-in and provided the unoccupied reserved room.

If you are visiting Isla Jardin on weekends, I highly suggest to reserve ahead of time. Isla Jardin Del Mar Online reservation here.

Isla Jardin Del mar reception
Isla Jardin del Mar’s reception area

Isla Jardin Del Mar Room Rates

Presidential Suite Duplex – Narra (10 pax) – 10,000 Php
Talisay Family Suite – 3,500 Php
Suite Rooom (4 pax) – 2,000 Php
De Luxe Aircon – 2,500 Php
De Luxe Fan – 1,300 Php

Nipa Hut Accommodation (Suite Room)

I’m not really a fan of resorts with concrete accommodations as I feel that it deviates and does not compliment to the natural feel of the beach. Good thing isthat Isla Jardin Del Mar’s accommodations are Nipa Huts on short stilts.

Nipa hut rooms beach philippines
Nipa Hut rooms in Isla Jardin

room accommodation sarangani resort
My Nipa Hut beach front accommodation.
Interestingly enough, these Nipa huts are along the beach overlooking the blue ocean roughly 20 meters away.  

The resort’s Nipa hut accommodations adds up to the authentic beach tropical feel. The hut comes with a terrace where you can simply relax and feel the sea breeze.

sla jardin del mar room for 2
Matrimonial bed
The bed is comfortable and the pillows are really soft. There is also a pull-out bed good for two. I assume that this Nipa hut can accommodate up to 4 persons!

matrimonial room isla jardin
Air-conditioned Nipa hut
The room is very simple and clean. Air-conditioning unit is relatively new and is just enough for the space of the room. The toilet comes with a hot and cold shower.  2 bath towels, a sachet of shampoo and a small soap are provided. So don’t forget to bring your toothbrush and shaving-kit.

Isla Jardin Del Mar Day Tour Rates

Unlike other resorts in Glan which require day tour guests to rent a cottage. Day tour entrance at Isla Jardin Del Mar is only 50 pesos and day tour guests are not required to rent a cottage. Well, this makes Isla Jardin del Mar stand out compared to the rest of Gumasa beach resorts.

Budget Meal at Isla Jardin

After checking-in, I had my dinner at the resort’s restaurant. I started ordering a serving of sweet and sour pork when the cashier noticed that I was alone. She was so kind and suggested that they have solo budget meals good for one person. A sweet and sour pork with rice and soda budget meal is relatively cheaper than ordering them separately.

For a solo traveler, I was actually expecting overpriced meals at the resort but was surprised to know that they offer solo budget meals. I had a budget meal for only 160 pesos.

Dinner at isla Jardin del mar
Budget meal
Isla Jardin restaurant
Isla Jardin Del Mar restaurant
For the breakfast the next day, I did not spend a cent as the Nipa hut room comes with a complimentary buffet breakfast at the resort’s restaurant.

Isla Jardin Del Mar Contact Numbers: +63 83 8930032 / +63 917 253 6105

Isla Jardin Del Mar Online reservation here.

How to Get to Isla Jardin Del Mar? Please visit my separate post on how to get to Gumasa where Isla Jardin Del Mar is located.

My Take

I enjoyed my stay at Isla Jardin Del Mar resort. The staffs were very welcoming and accommodating. The entire resort is well maintained. The fine white sand  and azure waters of Isla Jardin Del Mar is worth the long travel.

If you are looking for a summer getaway and you love white sand beaches, I would highly recommend Isla Jardin Del Mar resort. If you are a backpacker or a budget traveler, getting to Gumasa in Saranggani and staying in Isla Jardin Del Mar is relatively cheaper compared to other popular beaches in the Philippines.