Budget Hotel in Iloilo City: 88 Plaza Hotel

88 Plaza Hotel Double Room Iloilo

If you are backpacking The City of Love, there are a number of cheap yet decent accommodations in Iloilo city. For short time stay, check-in at Dragon Lodge for only 280 Pesos for a 3-hour stay. If you are staying overnight, at 560 Pesos, 88 Plaza Hotel Iloilo City probably has the cheapest and most affordable rates.

88 Plaza Hotel Iloilo City Room Rates

Single occupancy – 560 Php
Double occupancy – 690 Php
Triple occupancy – 760 Php

88 Plaza Hotel Iloilo City Location Map

Located in 88 Delgado street, the hotel is near to various landmarks in Iloilo City. It is few minute taxi ride away from the old Iloilo City hall, Iloilo Esplanade, Smallville and SM City Iloilo. Note that Iloilo airport is quite far from the city center. If you are visiting the city, do not expect hotels near the airport.

Due to the hotel’s cheap and affordable rates, their rooms easily get fully booked.  I arrived in the hotel at around 10 AM there were no available single occupancy rooms. I had no choice but to book a double occupancy room at 690 Php. By the way, that was way cheaper that my last visit in Iloilo where I stayed in Injap Tower Hotel.


Facade of 88 Plaza Hotel
Facade of 88 Plaza Hotel

The hotel’s facade is simple. From outside, the building looks old to me. There is an ample parking space right in front of the hotel. As for the security, there is a guard manning at the entrance. Once you get inside, the reception is situated on the right side. On the left is a mini cafeteria which is open 24 hours.

Double Room at 88 Plaza Hotel

88 Plaza Hotel Double Room Iloilo
88 Plaza Hotel Double Room

For 690 Php, the room was good. Not something you get when you check-in in a more pricey Iloilo hotel like Injap Tower. Nonetheless, the room and the toilet with hold and cold shower are very clean.  The air conditioning unit works perfectly. The hotel lacks WiFi facility but there is a space for work area. There is a mini cable television and a service phone. If you are a smoker, there are designated smoking areas in each level of the hotel.

As expected to a budget hotel, there is nothing special about 88 Plaza except for its affordable room rates. Nonetheless, the guard on the entrance was very welcoming. As for the receptionists, I just felt that they need to be more welcoming and accommodating. With their cheap room rates, I had no issues with their service. It was just getting the value of what you paid for. Overall, if you are a backpacker or a budget traveler visiting Iloilo city, I would highly recommend 88 Plaza Hotel!

Iloilo City Hotel Online Booking HERE

88 Plaza Hotel Iloilo City contact number: 0928 998 9925


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