Cheapest Siquijor tour package

Siquijor Island is located in the Central Visayan region of the Philippines. Next to Camiguin and Batanes, Siquijor is the 3rd smallest province in the country. This must visit province is one among the underrated tourist destination among locals but is becoming popular among foreign tourists and travelers.

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Cheapest Siquijor tour package

If you are planning to visit Siquijor island, there are various tour packages available online. However, these Siquijor tour packages are quite expensive. Fortunately, there are cheaper ways to enjoy the breathtaking Siquijor. Instead of availing expensive tour packages, go directly to the island and arrange a tour package to the Siquijor tourism accredited tour guides/tricycle drivers.

In Siquijor port, there is a provincial tourism office reception area. Just ask the tourism officer for a copy of Siquijor map, list of accommodations and list of standard transportation tariff rates and tours. They provide these handouts for free. These will be helpful during your stay in Siquijor most especially if you decide to DIY tour the island.

There are tourism office accredited tricycle and van drivers waiting in the port. They usually approach visitors and offer the tour. Just make sure that you are dealing with the tourism accredited drivers. These guys are in Siquijor tourism uniform. If you are a solo traveler or a couple, a tricycle tour will do. For larger groups, touring Siquijor on a van is recommended.

Siquijor tour package rates

Here are the Siquijor Provincial Tourism Office Accredited tour package rates:


  • Island tour– 1,000 Php
  • Mountain tour – 1,200 Php


  • Coastal Tour – 2500 Php
  • Mountain Tour – 3,000 Php
  • coastal/mountain tour – 3,500 Php

June, one of the tourism accredited tricycle drivers/tour guide approached us. He briefed us about the  1,000 Php tour package. The tour will bring us to popular Siquijor tourist spots and attractions. Note though that tricycle parking fees for each tourist spot are excluded from the tour package rate.

Tricycle island tour itinerary

The 1,000 Php Siquijor island tour via tricycle will bring you to the following Siquijor tourist attractions:

St. Francis of Assisi Church

This is the first stop of the tricycle island tour. St. Francis of Assisi church is actually few meters away from Siquijor port. This is probably the most popular landmark in Siquijor as it serves as a backdrop to the “Welcome to Siquijor” sign.

Hello Siquijor! ?? 

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Capilay Spring Park 

Next stop is the Capilay Spring Park. Located in San Juan, Siquijor, this natural spring fed swimming pool is popular among locals. Capilay Spring Park has no entrance free.

Capilay Spring Park

Capilay Spring Park

Century old balete tree and fish foot spa

Located in San Juan, Siquijor, the century old tree is said to be the oldest and the biggest tree in the island. Just in front of the tree is a cold spring. Interestingly enough, the cold spring also serves as a fish spa. Surprisingly, they have this huge fishes that will surely tickle and nibble your feet. Environmental fee is 5 Php.

San Isidro Labradaor Church

Located in Lazi, Siquijor, this century old church was built by the Augustinian recollects in the latter part of 19th century.

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Lazi Convent

Across the San Isidro Labrador church is the Lazi Convent. Completed and blessed in 1891, Lazi convent is one of the biggest and oldest convent in the Philippines. This convent was declared as one of the historical landmarks of the Philippines in 1970’s. Unfortunately, the convent is under renovation when we visited Lazi.

Cambugahay falls

 Cambugahay falls is a 3 tiered waterfalls in Lazi, Siquijor. There is no entrance fee to enjoy this breathtaking Siquijor attraction. Just make sure to pay 20 Php parking fee for your tricycle driver/guide.

Breathtaking Cambugahay falls

Salagdoong Molave man-made Forrest

On the way to Salagdoong beach, you will pass by a man-made forest with Molave trees.

Salagdoong beach

Located in Maria, Siquijor, Salagdoong beach is popular among locals. Entrance fee is 15 Php and environmental fee is 10 Php.

Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor 

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Overall, we enjoyed our tricycle Siquijor island tour. Given the distance of each tourist attraction and the honesty and kindness of June – our tricycle driver/tour guide,  1,000 Php is fairly priced and indeed the cheapest Siquijor tour package there is!

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