Cheap Accommodation in Batanes – DDD Habitat Lodging House Blog Review

DDD Habitat Batanes Philippines

DDD Habitat Lodging House Batanes opened its doors in 2009 and is one among the few affordable accommodations in the heart of Basco, Batanes. This lodging house has a total of 7 rooms named after the islands of Batanes. Located along Lopez St. in Brgy. Kayvaluganan, DDD Habitat Batanes is just walking distance from Batanes’ center of trade where local shops, eateries and restaurants are located. It is also a 5 minute ride from Basco airport.

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DDD Habitat Batanes Philippines
DDD Habitat Batanes Philippines

We booked 2 accommodations for our 4 days and 3 nights stay in Batanes. We wanted to try a mid range Batanes accommodation so we booked at Amboy Hometel Batanes for our first night. Since it’s a bit expensive for us, we also booked DDD Habitat Batanes for our succeeding nights in Batanes.

Small and Simple Lodging House

I should say that I did not expect anything from DDD Habitat Batanes as we only paid 2,556 Php (51 USD) for two nights stay. That is very cheap compared to the 2,880.54 Php (58 USD) we paid for an overnight stay in Amboy Hometel Batanes.

Tip: The room rates mentioned above are discounted rates. I’m giving you huge discounts if you book your DDD Habitat Batanes room HERE.

The entire building of DDD Habitat Lodging House is small and simple. The simple set up of DDD Habitat is a reflection of the simple life of Ivatans. Just like any other lodging or transient houses I’ve been to, DDD Habitat Batanes has a homey atmosphere. There is also a common area for dining and kitchen that guests can use.

Room Upgrade

We checked-in at DDD Habitat Lodging House late afternoon after our South Batan tour. The discounted room for 2 PAX we booked at DDD Habitat is no longer available when we checked-in. We were surprised that we were given the larger and more expensive room instead! Thanks to DDD Habitat for the free upgrade!

Itbayat room at DDD Habitat
Itbayat room at DDD Habitat

We originally booked a Ditaram room which is good for 2 PAX but we were given Itbayat room which is good for 6 PAX!

The air-conditioned room is very clean and spacious. There are two double beds which are surprisingly comfortable for a budget accommodation. A side table with a mini lamp separates the two beds. There is also a small LCD TV with decent local channels. Basic toiletries are provided such as shampoo, soap and towels.  As for the toilet and bath, there is a hot and cold shower. The toilet also comes with a bidet. What we loved the most is the strong water pressure.

Being in the heart of Basco, there is cellular signal in DDD Habitat. However, cellular data is intermittent. Note though that I’m a Smart telecom subscriber.

Highly Recommended Accommodation in Batanes

If you are visiting the breathtaking Batanes and on a tight budget, I would highly recommend DDD Habitat Lodging House. Its strategically located and is near to the airport and various restaurants. The rooms are very clean and of course are priced for budget travelers and backpackers!

DDD Habitat Lodging House Batanes Rooms Rates

  • Siayan Room – 1,400 Php (2 PAX), 1,600 Php (3 PAX), 1,800 (4 PAX)
  • Batan Room – 1,400 Php (2 PAX), 1,600 Php (3 PAX), 1,800 (4 PAX)

DDD Habitat Lodging House Batanes

  • Contact Number: 0932 165 9176
  • Discounted Room rates HERE.