How to Get to Islas de Gigantes From Manila

Is posing in Cabugao Gamay, the most popular island in Islas de Gigantes in your bucket list? Here is the cheapest and fastest way on how to get to Islas de Gigantes from Manila:

Gigantes Island sandbar

The famous Cabugao Gamay island in Islas de Gigantes, Iloilo, Philippines

Islas de Gigantes is one among the many tourist attractions that is becoming popular among beach lovers and adventure seekers.

1. Fly from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Roxas City, Capiz Province

Islas de Gigantes is located in the Northern part of Iloilo, however, if you will fly from Manila to Iloilo City, the total travel time (air and land travel) to Islas de Gigantes could take up to 7  hours. Geographically, Iloilo City is farther to Islas de Gigantes compared to Roxas City. Thus, the fastest way to get to the beautiful Islas de Gigantes is via Roxas City in Capiz which could take up to 5 hrs and 30 mins (air and land travel).

Flight from Ninoy Aquino International Airport  to Roxas City is 1 hr and 10 minutes. You may book your flight ahead of time thru Philippine Airlines or the low cost and budget local airline – Cebu Pacific .

Tip: Book the earliest flight from Manila to Roxas City to catch the 1 PM boat trip from Estancia, Iloilo to Islas de Gigantes.

2. From Roxas City airport, ride a tricycle going to Ceres bus terminal

Roxas City Airport Philippines

Roxas City Airport

There are no jeepneys or taxis around the Roxas City city airport as the primary mode of transportation in the city are tricycles. Once your arrive in the airport, look for the tricycle terminal and tell the driver that you are going to Ceres bus terminal. Note that there are no standard tricycle tariff rates in Roxas City. In our case, we paid 200 from Roxas City Airport to Ceres bus terminal. Travel time is approximately 20 minutes.

Tips: Roxas City is known as the seafood capital of the Philippines. You may want to spend a night in Roxas City and indulge yourself to a seafood treat in Baybay. To avoid pricey tricycle fares around the city, visit my separate post How to travel like a local in Roxas City – soon.

3. In Ceres bus terminal, take a bus or a van going to Estancia in Iloilo

Ceres Bus Terminal Roxas Capiz

Ceres Bus Terminal

Bus fare from Roxas City, Capiz to Estancia in Iloilo is 81 Pesos and travel time could take from an hour and 40 minutes to 2 hours. Note that there are no air-conditioned buses to Estancia. Alternatively, taking a van to Estancia is faster. Fare is 75 and travel time is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Note that vans are non-air-conditioned too.

4. In Estancia Bus Terminal, ride a tricycle to Estancia Port

From Estancia bus terminal, take a tricycle going to Estancia port. Fare is 60 pesos for special trip. If you are on a budget, fare for a single person is 15 Pesos but you will have to wait for other passengers bound to Estancia port. Travel time is approximately 10 mins.

5. Ride a passenger boat from Estancia Port to Islas de Gigantes

Estancia Port Iloilo Islas de Gigantes

Port of Estancia in Iloilo

In Estancia Port, pay 10 pesos for the terminal fee. Inform the tourism officer that you are going to Islas de Gigantes. Fare is 60 Pesos and the total travel time is 2 hours. Note that there is only 1 trip a day from Estancia Port to Islas de Gigantes. The boat promptly leaves at 1:00 PM. If in case you miss the 1:00 PM trio, hiring a private boat to Islas de Gigantes costs 4,500 Pesos.

Tip: Gigantes Hideaway resort’s Islas de Gigantes tour package includes the passenger boat ride fare from Estancia port to Islas de Gigantes. A personnel of the resort will meet you in the Estancia Port and will guide you to the passenger boat. Blog entry about the tour package will be posted soon.




  1. Hi!
    Just wanna ask if I can rent a private boat going back to the port after island hopping cos I have a flight ilo ilo to davao 9 am? Means will just stay over night in gigantes and will go to ilo ilo . Thanks!

    • Hi Aileen. I guess you can rent a private boat. Just arrange a private boat in Estancia port before you go to Islas. Ask them if they can pick you up in islas de gigantes. Private boat starts at 5,000 for one way trip I guess.

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