Where to Eat Pancit Molo in Iloilo City

One of the things I was looking forward in my DIY Iloilo tour is food! On my list are the authentic Illongo delicacies –  La Paz Batchoy and Pancit Molo.  During my first day in Iloilo City, I was lucky that my accommodation (Dragon Lodge) is located in Molo, a district in Iloilo where Pancit Molo originated.  I asked several locals for the best Pancit Molo house in town and I was advised to visit Tita Paz The House of Pancit Molo.

How to Get There
If you are coming from the city, just ride a jeepney bound to Villa Arevalo or Oton. Just inform the driver to drop you at Tita Paz/Molo County Bakeshop. Alternatively, you can also take a cab and instruct the driver to bring you to Tita Paz/Molo County Bakeshop.

Tita Paz Restaurant in Molo, Iloilo
Tita Paz share the area with Molo County Bakeshop

Tita Paz pasalubong
Molo County Bakeshop offers various pasalubong items

Tita paz restaurant

Tita Paz Restauirant in Molo, Iloilo

With only 5 tables, the dining area of Tita Paz is quite small. Nonetheless, the area is very clean.

Pancit Molo comes with a bread

Pancit Molo is a soup dish made of ground chicken or pork in wonton or Molo wrapper.  It does not actually have long and thin rice/egg noodles which makes it a not so traditional pancit in Filipino cuisine.  It  is called a pancit as the Molo wrapper is basically of the same mix with the traditional pancit noodles.

I ordered the largest bowl of Pancit Molo which costs 75 Php ($1.50). An order comes with Pandeciosa, a local bread.

The authentic Pancit Molo

To taste, soy sauce and pepper can be added to the Authentic Pancit Molo.

This dish is not new to me as my mother always cooks this very delicious soup. My mom’s version of Molo has milk compared to the original Molo recipe.  Overall, Tita Paz’s Pancit Molo is very delicious! The soup itself is simple yet you can really taste the broth. The rich in flavor dumplings are the main attraction of this Illongo delicacy!




  1. hi where can i buy original pancit molo iloilo here in quezon city??

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