Where to eat in Batanes? 5 restaurants you should try in Basco

Batanes is probably the most beautiful province in the Philippines. Popular among local travelers, this province in the Northernmost part of the country is known for its lush green picturesque scenery and unique stone houses. To make your Batanes trip more memorable, selecting a restaurant to fulfill your gastronomic adventures can be a bit challenging. Here are the my 5 recommended restaurants in Basco, Batanes:

1. Hudzan’s Cafe

First on my list is Hudzan’s Cafe right in the center of Basco, Batanes.

Hudzan's Cafe
Hudzan’s Cafe

Located along Abad St., Batanes’ center of trade, Hudzan’s Cafe is just walking distance from various inns and accommodations in Basco proper. Hudzan’s Cafe is a small al fresco restaurant offering the best cuisine in Basco. They offer more affordable food compared to other restaurants in town.

We tried this simple yet promising restaurant during our second night in Batanes. It was a surprise that Hudzan’s Cafe is jam-packed with guests. We ordered pork sisig (150 Php) and our favorite pancit canton (200 Php).  We had to wait for almost an hour before our food were served. It was not an issue for us as it was an indicator that food at Hudzan’s are freshly cooked. And besides, there were too many guests for a small restaurant like Hudzan’s.

Pancit Canton at Hudzan
Pancit Canton at Hudzan

Jen and I loved Hudzan’s Cafe’s pancit canton! No exaggeration but their pancit canton is the best I’ve ever tasted! I couldn’t even compare it to Max’s restaurant’s which is also our favorite.  At 200 Php, the serving is also generous and is good for 3 persons.  Their sizzling sisig also did not disappoint.  At 150 Php, serving is also generous and is actually good for 3 persons.

We were grateful that our tour guide recommended Hudzan’s Cafe as we loved their food! It was worth the wait!

  • Location: Along Abad St., Baranggay Kayhuvokan, Basco, Batanes
  • Contact Numbers: 0929 1582468 / 0939 748 0152 / 0921 7627186

2. Octagon Bed and Dine

Second on my list is Octagon Bed and Dine. This must visit Batanes restaurant is located along National road and is walking distance from Basco center.

Octagon Bed and Dine Restaurant Batanes
Octagon Bed and Dine Restaurant Batanes

We visited Octagon Bed and Dine during our third night in Batanes. This al fresco restaurant offers overlooking of the Pacific ocean. You get to enjoy fresh air and soothing sea breeze while dining here.

Carbonara, Calamarers and Paco Salad
Carbonara, Calamarers and Paco Salad

We ordered carbonara (220 Php), paco salad (200 Php) and calamares (300 Php). We loved their mouthwatering carbonara! The bacon bits were generously drizzled over the cheessy and creamy white sauce. The generous serving made us regret ordering more dishes. Nonetheless, their calamares and paco salad were also good!

  • Location: Disong Brgy. Kaychanarianan Basco,Batanes
  • Contact Number: (078) 986 7643

3. Vunong Dinette at Jessica’s Place

If there is a restaurant to try local Batanes dishes, Vunong Dinette at Jessica’s Place is the best restaurant to visit in Batanes.

Lunch at Vunong
Lunch at Vunong

We visited this restaurant as part of the complimentary lunch courtesy of Bisumi Travel & Tours. Vunong Dinette at Jessica’s Place was the very first restaurant we have tried in Batanes as it was the fist stop of our day 1 tour in the province.

I must admit that I am not a food adventurer and I rarely try new dishes during my travels. Since the lunch is free and is part of the itinerary, I had no choice but to try whatever is served to us. Surprising I enjoyed Ivatan food. The soup was good along with the turmeric rice and main dish wrapped in leaves.  For desert, they served paco salad with a yummy vinegrete-like sauce which Jen really loved.

4. Fundacion Pacita’s Cafe du Tukon

This high-end restaurant in Batanes is located in Baranggay Chanarian, Tukon, Batanes.

You get to see the amazing and relaxing lush green views when dining at Cafe du Tukon. The views are spectacular and surreal. The high-end ambiance and feel inside Cafe du Tukon make it stand out among other restaurants in Batanes.

Cafe du Tukon is Fundacion Pacita’s restaurant. We visited this beautiful food place during our day 1 tour in Batanes. Since it was merienda time, instead of going straight to Fundacion Pacita, we had a quick snack in Cafe du Tukon. We initially ordered the food we wanted but were unavailable.

Grilled Cheese Panini
Grilled Cheese Panini

We ordered Grilled Cheese Panini (285 Php) and Rich Chocolate Cake (175 Php) .  Grilled Cheese Paninini is a home baked pain au lait with cheddar cheese and mozarella cheese served with honey and wakay shoestring fries. I just find the serving a bit less for its price. Nonetheless, it was good.

I will definitely return to Cafe du Tukon to try their pasta. Food on their menu maybe a bit pricey if you are a budget traveller but I tell you, dining in a restaurant with breathtaking views is one of a kind experience!

  • Location: Fundacion Pacita, Brgy. Chanarian, Tukon, Basco, Batanes
  • Contact Numbers: 0939-9016353 / 0917-8559364

5. Amboy’s Hometel

Last on my list is Amboy’s Hometel’s breakfast.  Apart from being one of Batanes’ best accommodations, Amboy’s Hometel has its very own restaurant offering various Filipino dishes.

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Buffet Breakfast at Ambioy's Hometel's Restaurant
Buffet Breakfast at Ambioy’s Hometel’s Restaurant

We stayed at Amboy’s Hometel during our 1st night in Batanes.  I am including Amboy’s Hometel’s restaurant as we enjoyed their complimentary breakfast buffet.  We were served rice, arroz caldo, eggplant, longganisa, egg, coffee and fruits.

Here’s a video Amboy’s Hometel’s restaurant.

  • Location: Brgy. Chanarian, Basco, Batanes
  • Contact Number: 09178717361 / 09209103494


Bench Clothing’s Restaurant? Bench Cafe BGC – Blog Review + Menu

If you love fashion and are into 100% Filipino brand, you probably own a piece of clothing from the Philippine’s largest clothing brand – Bench. In 2018, the brand opened its flagship store in Bonifacio Global City. Apart from the huge retail store, the building is also home to its first ever restaurant – Bench Cafe.

Bonifacio High Street’s Newest Cafe

Bench Cafe, BGC, Taguig
Bench Cafe BGC

Bench Cafe is situated on second level of Bench Boutique BGC flagship store in 9th Street Lane O. It  is along Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig. If you are walking along Bonifacio High Street, you can easily spot the Bench Boutique Store for its signature red and white store branding.

We were surprised and intrigued the moment we discovered about Bench Cafe.  I must admit that I was a bit sceptic about Bench’s very first cafe/restaurant. The brand is undoubtedly the most popular in the Philippine’s fashion and clothing industry. But wasn’t really sure about their food. So Jen and I decided to try Bench Cafe.

Simple, Classy and Homey Interiors

Bench Cafe’s interiors was not something I expected. Since it’s a cafe, I initially thought that the interiors would be like that of a typical coffee shop around Metro Manila. I was wrong. The interiors of this BGC cafe is simple, classy and homey. I personally love the golden hanging lamp ceiling lights. They give a classy vibe to the restaurant. The wall canvass art around the cafe provides a homey feel to its diners. The entire restaurant is very clean.

Glamorized Filipino Food

Just like the Bench clothing line which is 100% Filipino, Bench Cafe BGC serves 100% Filipino food with a twist. This BGC restaurant elevated and glamorized local favorite dishes.

On their menu are salads such as Pinoy Caprese (149 Php) and Shrimp Suha salad (239 Php), soups such as Tinola (119 Php) ang Monggo (119 Php), all-time favorite Filipino desserts like Classic Halo-Halo (13 Php) and Mais Con Yelo (89 Php).

Bench/To meals are the most popular on their menu. The Bench/To took inspiration to Japanese cuisine’s Bento meals. If you order a Bench/To meal, you will get 2 viands, Bench salsa, atsara and steamed Ifugao rice. You can choose among 10 Bench/To meals on their menu. If you are on a budget, the cheapest is meal number 2. At 299 Php, you get to enjoy their Lechon Kawali and Pinakbet. At 439 Php, Bench/To meal #10 is the most expensive. This meal consists of US Angus Short Ribs Bistek plus inihaw na pusit and gising-gising.

Bagnet kare-kare
Bagnet kare-kare

Since it was our first time in Bench Cafe BGC, I made sure to try my favorite kare-kare. I ordered Bench/To number 6, Bagnet kare-kare with bagoong and tortang talong that come with Bench salsa, atsara and steamed Ifugao rice. Bench Cafe’s kare-kare uses Bagnet instead of ox tail or pork hock.  For my drinks, I ordered one of their special beverages – Pandan Latik Latte.

I should say that Bench Cafe’s kare-kare is very delicious! The bagnet is very crunchy and the kare-kare sauce is extraordinary! The Pandan Latik Latte was good.

Beef Tapa at Bench Cafe
Beef Tapa at Bench Cafe

Jen ordered her favorite beef tapa. Interestingly enough, the tapa is topped with vinegar bubbles. Bench Cafe’s food presentation made me feel we were in a fine dining restaurant.

Great Customer Service

I’m very particular with customer service. I expect to much especially to restaurants where food are not cheap. Fortunately, Bench Cafe did not disappoint. We were warmly welcomed by the staff the moment we arrived in the cafe. Most of the servers were pleasing and friendly.

Recommended Restaurant in BGC

If you are looking for Bench Cafe branches, unfortunately, you will only find Bench Cafe in BGC. So, if you happen to visit BGC, give Bench Cafe a try! This BGC restaurant serving local favorite dishes is truly promising!

Bench Cafe BGC Menu

Bench Cafe

  • Address: 2nd Floor Bench Boutique BGC Flagship Store, Bonifacio High Street
    9th St. Lane O, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines
  • Contact Number: 0917 702 1133

Where to eat in Bantayan Island Cebu? MJ Square, HR Native Restaurant, Tristan’s Pizza

HR Restaurant
Anika Island Resort Bantayan Island’s Anika Island Resort

Bantayan Island in Cebu is undoubtedly one of the must visit island in the Philippines. Like Boracay in Aklan and El Nido in Palawan, Bantayan Island is a popular tourist destination among locals and foreign tourists alike.

Where to Eat in Bantayan Island Cebu?

Bantayan Island is tourist ready. Just like Boracay, there is a number of restaurants, bars and café in the island.

Bantayan beach resorts such as Anika Island Resort, Hoyohoy Villas Resort and Beach Placid have their own restaurant. However, food their menu may be limited or more expensive. If you are a food adventurer, there are other food places and restaurants in the island. Below are my top 3 recommended places to satisfy your gastronomic adventures in Bantayan Island:

1. MJ Square

MJ Square is the most popular food place in Bantayan Island. Located in Santa Fe Poblacion, MJ Square is near to various beach resorts in the island. It is a few minute tricycle ride away from Anika Island Resort, Beach Placid Resort and Hoyohoy Villas. MJ Square is just a few minute walk from beach resorts such as Amihan Beach Cabanas, Ritzy’s White Beach Resort, Marlins Beach Resort and Yoonek Beach Resort and Kota Beach Resort.

MJ Square Bantayan Island Map
A food complex with various restaurants and cafes, MJ Square is definitely a go to place for food lovers and adventurers. This Bantayan Island food place offers a wide array of food choices.

Here is a short video of MJ Square in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island.

Complete list of restaurants in MJ Square:

  • Chef Panyang – This restaurant has the biggest area and has widest food options. Chef Panyang serves mostly Filipino dishes. If you are on a budget, Chef Panyang offers 59 Php (approx. $1.14) meal. It’s probably the cheapest meal you can have in the island. If you love seafood, they also have seafood all you can at only 299 Php (approx. $5.75).
Chef Panyang Chef Panyang
  • Cupcake Island Cakery – If you love sweets, visit MJ Square’s Cupcake Island Cakery. This mini bakeshop offers various cakes that will truly satisfy your cravings.
Cupcake Island Cakery Cupcake Island Cakery
  • Bantayan Burrito Company – This MJ Square restaurant serves Mexican cuisine and is Vegan friendly.
  • Shake Me – This small and colorful place in MJ Square is perfect if you are craving for ice cream or shakes in the island.
Shake Me Shake Me
  • Channa’s Café & Wine – This mini cafe is a perfect place to hang-out with your Bantayan travel buddies. Channa’s Cafe serves hot & cold coffee and coffee based drinks. They also serve flavored beer. Their drinks are priced from 50 Php (approx $1.00) to 90 Php (approx. $1.80).
Chana's cafe and wine Chana’s cafe and wine
  • Tapa Master – This Bantayan Island restaurant’s speciality is gourmet and exotic Tapas ranging from 89 Php (approx. $1.72) to 269 Php (approx. $5.17). They also offer sisig and various types of sausages.
Tapa Master Tapa Master
  • Hallas Taverna
  • Stix Smoke House
  • Paradiso Snack Bar
  • Sarapoi
  • Liquido – If you love to drink, Liquido serves various alcoholic drinks.
  • Hello Spank
  • All Time Fry

During our 4 days and 4 night stay in Bantayan Island, we had most of our meals at MJ Square. I highly recommend Tapa Master as they serve great breakfast!

Tapa Master's Hungarian Sausage Tapa Master’s Hungarian Sausage

Overall, you will love MJ Square’s wide array of food choices.  This is the go to place if you are on a budget. The idea of food complex is good as you get to befriend other tourists in the area. The only downside are the flies in the complex.

2. HR Music Bar & Native Restaurant

HR Restaurant HR Restaurant

Located in A. Batobalonos St., HR Native Restaurant is just a few meters away from MJ Square. This restaurant has a wide array of offerings on their menu. They serve seafood, pork, beef, vegetables, pizzas, sandwiches, cold drinks and cocktails.

HR Native Restaurant Map

HR Native Restaurant was the very first restaurant we visited in Bantayan island as it was recommended by our tricycle driver. We later did not regret to dine at HR as their baked scallops in Mozarella cheese (225 Php – approx. $4.50) was very delicious! I should say that it’s the best tasting baked scallops I’ve tried so far.

Baked Scallops Baked Scallops

HR Native Restaurant Menu

Overall, HR Native Restaurant is a good food place in the island. The native ambiance makes the dining experience special. Their baked scallops is a must try!

3. Tristan’s Pizza Hauz and Restaurant

Tristan’s Pizza Hauz & Restaurant is another must visit restaurant in Bantayan Island. Located in F. Roska street and is near to various beach resorts in Santa Fe. Jen and I were very lucky to have met the owner of Tristan’s Pizza Hauz. We learned from her that the place used to be a resort and restaurant. After the typhoon Yolanda, she had to give up the resort and only retained its restaurant.

We ordered their best seller mixed seafood pizza for 450 Php (approx. $8.82). It was a surprise that the pizza is generously topped with mozzarella cheese and seafood (especially shrimps). We super loved the pizza! I should say that it’s one of the best seafood pizza I had!Mixed seafood pizza at Tristan's

Apart from pizzas, this underrated food place in Bantayan Island also serves breakfast meals, salads, pastas, rice meals, snacks and beers.

Overall, Tristan’s Pizza Hauz is a must visit for pizza lovers! The place may not be as popular as MJ Square and other restaurants in Bantayan Island, but is definitely one of the islan’s best food place!

Look: Kape Brew – Local Coffee Shop in Taguig

Kape Brew Taguig City

Kape Brew is one among the few promising local coffee shops in the Taguig City. Located along Levi B. Mariano avenue, Usuasan, Taguig City, Kape Brew is a few minute drive from The Nest Taguig, Taguig City Hall, All Home Taguig, Camella Grenville and Acacia Estates. This humble coffee shop is walking distance from Tres Palmas Condominium, Hafele, Panglao Oasis and Taguig Medical Center.

Kape Brew Taguig City
Kape Brew Taguig City

Kape Brew’s façade is truly eye-catching. The huge signage engraved in wood makes it stand out in the area. You wouldn’t miss Kape Brew when you’re passing by Levi Mariano. If you are bringing a car, note that there is only a limited parking space in front of Ministop.

Unlike the more popular and commercialized coffee shops, Kape Brew’s limited real estate makes it private and quiet. A perfect place to read, study or even work while enjoying coffee. Truly a haven to those who do not want crowded and noisy cafes.

Simple and Homey Interior

Kape Brew Interior
Kape Brew Interior

Being a local coffee shop, I was not really expecting fancy interiors when we entered Kape Brew. Surprisingly, it’s interior is well thought of. Chairs and tables are carefully arranged. The furniture and fixtures are consistent with the huge Café Brew signage on its facade. Given its small space, the entire coffee shop looks spacious. I personally love the wooden tables and chairs along with the wall writing quotes and art. Overall, the interior is simple, clean and homey.

Wall art
Wall art

Affordable Coffee Shop

We checked out the menu and were surprised that their coffee and food offerings are very affordable! Since we visited after lunch, we weren’t able to try their food. We ordered Wintermelon Milktea (90 Php) and Salted Caramel Frapuccino (135 Php) instead.

Kape Brew's milk tea and frap
Kape Brew’s Wintermelon Milk Tea and Salted Caramel frap

Kape Brew Menu

Cold Drinks
Small (12 oz) Big (16 oz)
Iced Latte 100 110
Iced Mocha 110 120
Iced Chocolate 110 120
Iced Matcha Latte 110 120
Iced Caramel Macchiato 110 120
Wintermelon Milk Tea 90
Classic Mocha 120 130
Classic Chocolate Cream 120 130
Chocolate Java Chip 125 135
Cookies & Cream 125 135
Salted Caramel 125 135
Matcha Cream 125 135
Hot Drinks
Espresso Single 25 Double 75
Short (8 oz) Tall (12 oz)
Americano 80 90
Latte 90 100
Cappuccino 90 100
Mocha 95 105
Caramel Macchiato 95 105
Classic Hot Chocolate 95 105
Matcha 90 100
Tea 70


All Day Breakfast


Beef Tapa

with garlic rice & egg

Classic Adobo

with garlic rice & egg

Pork Embutido

with garlic rice


with garlic rice & egg

Chicken Sausage

with garlic rice & egg

Pasta (with 2 pcs. Garlic bread)
Beef Lasagna 150
Baked Macaroni 150
Pesto Pasta 150
Pandesal with homemade chicken spread and lettuce 90
Pandesal with smap, egg and lettuce 90

Kape Brew Loyalty Card

This must visit Taguig coffee shop also offers perks to their loyal customers. They now have a loyalty card where you can get 50% off on any beverage and even get free beverage and pastry. Just make sure you have your loyalty card signed every you visit Kape Brew.

Kape Brew Loyalty Card
Kape Brew Loyalty Card

Highly Recommended Coffee Shop in Taguig

If you are visiting Taguig city, I would highly recommend Kape Brew. The place is nice, calm and peaceful.  As for the service, the owner along with the baristas are very welcoming and accommodating.  Coffee and food on their menu are very affordable! So, forget the mainstream coffee shops in the area and give Kape Brew a try!

Kape Brew

Kape Brew

  • Tres Palmas Commercial Arcade, Levi Mariano Ave., Ususan, Taguig
  • Contact Numbers: 8744172 / 09052347929 / 09957227880

4 Must Visit Affordable Restaurants in Davao City Philippines

Chicken Oyakondon

Davao City is becoming a popular tourist destination among Filipinos and foreign travelers. The most visited tourist destinations in the city are Philippine Eagle Center, Davao Crocodile Park and the beautiful Samal Island. Apart from these must visit tourist spots, your Davao City experience will not be complete without trying these 4 local Davao City restaurants:

Fighter in Philippine Eagle Center Davao
Fighter in Philippine Eagle Center Davao

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1. Yurushi Restaurant

If you are on a budget, Yurushi restaurant is one among the affordable food destinations in the city. A local favorite, Yurushi restaurant offers authentic Japanese food that will not empty your pocket.

On their menu are various Japanese food such as Pork Katsudon (80 Php), Beef Gyudon (90 Php), Chicken Oyakudon (75 Php), Tonkatsu with rice (80 Php), Chaahan (50 Php), Miso Ramen (60 Php), Gyuza with rice (70 Php), Chicken/Pork Karaage with rice (60 Php) and Miso soup (50 Php). These cheap Davao City restaurant also offers non-Japanese food on their menu.

Chicken Oyakondon
Chicken Oyakondon

We ordered Pork Tonkatsu (80 Php) and my all-time favorite Japanese dish – Chicken Oyakodon (75 Php).

Pork Tonkatsu
Pork Tonkatsu

Being an affordable food place, you don’t get high-end and cozy ambiance in Yurusi. The place is simple and a bit old.  Nonetheless, with its affordable dishes, you get the value for your money.  Yurushi is well-known among locals as the Japanese owner himself used to prepare the food in the restaurant. Unfortunately, the owner was not around when we visited Yurushi. It appears that the owner has already taught his staff to cook the restaurant’s Japanese food offerings.

Yurushi Cheap Davao Restaurant
Yurushi Cheap Davao Restaurant
  • Yurushi Restaurant Schedule: opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM
  • Contact Number: +63 82 225 5052
  • Location: Uyanguren Street, Davao City

2. Penong’s

Another budget-friendly and local favorite Davao City restaurant is Penong’s. This restaurant is undoubtedly the most popular among locals as they offer delicious food at an affordable price. Penong’s can be seen all over Davao City. It has 15 branches and is also present in other municipalities and cities in Mindanao.

Penong’s has earned its reputation for having the best chicken barbeque in Davao City. Apart from the barbeques, Penong’s also serves various Filipino dishes such as seafood, meat and vegetables. This Davao City restaurant is also the first one in the Philippines to offer unlimited rice to its diners.

2 pcs. porkchop + unlimited rice
2 pcs. porkchop + unlimited rice

I ordered 2 pcs. porkchop with unlimited rice (110 Php) and Pork Pinakbet (140 Php). I have to say that the pork chop is delicious! Its taste is unique and something you can only have at Penong’s. The unlimited rice is also a plus!

Pork Pinakbet
Pork Pinakbet
  • Penong’s  Restaurant Schedule: opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM
  • Contact Number: +63 82 225 5052
  • Locations:

Matina (NCCC)
Matina (Gallera)
G-Mall Davao

3. Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp.

If you want fine dining at an affordable price, visit Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp. Another local favorite, Lachi’s started as a bakery turned into a restaurant.  Lachi’s is known for their yummy cakes and pastries. On their menu are various sandwiches, sausages, pastas and rice meals.

Unforgettable pork ribs
Unforgettable Grilled Pork Ribs

We ordered the mouthwatering Unforgettable Grilled Pork Ribs (180 Php). For desert, we ordered a slice of Carrot Walnut cake (60 Php), Davao Durian cheesecake (72 Php). The cake slices are very affordable!

Carrot cake and Durian cheesecake
Carrot cake and Durian cheesecake
 The entire restaurant is very clean. The ambiance is something you get when dining in at popular restaurants in Manila. Lachi’s personally reminds me of Conti’s chain of restaurants. The only difference is the price.
Lachi's restaurangt in Davao
Lachi’s restaurangt in Davao

I will not write further about Lachi’s as I’ve written a separate blog post about this must visit Davao City restaurant. Please visit Affordable Restaurant in Davao City – Lachi’s.

  • Lachi’s Sans Rival atbp. Schedule: opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM
  • Contact Number: +63 82 224 5552
  • Location: Door 1-H Values School Building, Ruby Street, Marfori Heights Subdivision

4. Davao Dencia’s Restaurant

Davao Dencia’s Restaurant is the oldest restaurant in this list. In 1950s, this Davao City restaurant opened its doors and started serving Filipino, Chinese and Spanish dishes.

From outside, you can tell that Dencia’s restaurant used to be one of the grandest restaurant in the city. Up to this day, Dencia’s is a favorite reception for weddings, baptismal and parties . Well, this is an indication that Dencia’s restaurant offers the finest dishes in Davao.

Davao Dencia's Restaurant
Davao Dencia’s Restaurant

The restaurant has this rustic feel. Perhaps due to to the Filipiniana furnitures and fixtures. Nonetheless, the entire restaurant is very clean. The service is superb too!

Dencia’s restaurant bestsellers are Lugaw Goto, Arroz Caldo, Tokwa’t Baboy, Lechon Kawali, Lumpisang Shanghai and Pancit Canton.  Since we visited Davao Dencia’s Restaurant for a snack, we ordered their Special Halo-halo (110 Php), Fresh Fruit Salad (110 Php) and Shrimps Sandwich (110 Php).

Special Halo-halo
Shrimps Sandwich
Shrimps Sandwich

We personally love the Shrimps Sandwich. It was our first time to have a sandwich filled with yummy shrimps!

  • Davao’s Dencia’s Restaurant Schedule: opens daily from 7:00 AM to 9 PM
  • Contact Number: +63 82 226 4336
  • Location: General Luna Street, Davao City


Where to eat Authentic Japanese Food in Makati? Little Tokyo

Oishinbo Little Tokyo Makati

If you are a food adventurer, you must have tried a number of food places and food parks in the metro. If you particularly love Japanese food, there is a compound packed with authentic Japanese restaurants right in the middle of the busy and bustling Makati City – Little Tokyo.

Little Tokyo Makati City Philippines
Little Tokyo Makati City Philippines

Little Tokyo Makati Location

This must visit food place is located in Chino Roces corner Fernando street in Makati City. Being in the central business district, Little Tokyo is very accessible and is near to various offices and malls.

Little Tokyo Makati Philippines
Little Tokyo Makati Philippines

Tip: Being in Makati, parking can be a bit difficult. You can comfortably visit Little Tokyo by Uber. I am giving you 50 Pesos off on your first 2 trips with uber. Details here.

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Japanese Feels

As expected, once you enter Little Tokyo, you will feel like you are on a different place. The restaurant’s facade along tables and chairs in the al fresco area give Japanese feels to visitors and diners.

Little Tokyo Restaurants

  • Oishinbo
  • Nodasho
  • Riozen
  • Hana
  • Kagura
  • Urameshiya
  • Oishinbo
  • Yamazaki
  • Bunchum
  • Shinjuku Ramen
  • Kikufuji
  • Chotto Stop
  • Sekitori

Jen and I arrived a bit late for dinner. We were clueless where to eat as all restaurants seem to offer same menu of authentic Japanese food. We initially checked-out 2 restaurants and ended up dining at Oishinbo.

Dinner at Oishinbo Restaurant

Oishinbo Little Tokyo Makati
Oishinbo Little Tokyo Makati

Among all restaurants in Little Tokyo, Oishinbo has the most eye-catching facade. I must admit that it’s facade was our deciding factor in choosing Oishinbo for our first Little Tokyo visit.

Oishinbo Little Tokyo Interiors
Oishinbo Little Tokyo Interiors

To me, the restaurant’s interiors look a bit old. Oishinbo has this feel you get when you visit old restaurants in Manila’s China Town. Nonetheless, the restaurant is air-conditioned and very clean. As for the restaurant’s set-up, there are a couple of tables for groups. There is also a bar table for solo diners.

Oishinbo Menu

On their menu are Chuhai, Toriaezu, Yakitori, Nabemono, Kuysikatu, Sashimi, Sushi and Yakimono. If you drink, they offer Japanese beers such as Kirin beer and Asahibeer.

For the complete Oishinobo Menu, visit the links below:

Since it was our first time dining in Little Tokyo particularly in Oishinbo, we tried Japanese dishes that are familiar to us. We ordered Yakisoba and Pork Tonkatsu.

Pork Tonkatsu Little Tokyo
Pork Tonkatsu Little Tokyo

I was surprised the moment pork tonkatsu was served! I should say that the serving was good for two. The cut of pork tonkatsu is thick. Not the typical cut you get when dining in other Japanese restaurants. Along with the miso soup, rice, vegetables and Japanese potato salad, I should say that the serving is generous!

I personally loved the Japanese potato salad. As for the Yakisoba, it was a bit salty for our taste. Nonetheless, it was good.

Overall, our Little Tokyo experience was good. Oishinbo’s serving was generous and just right for the price. We will definitely return to search for the best Ramen in Little Tokyo. If you love Japanese food, Little Tokyo in Makati is worth a try!

  • Schedule: Little Tokyo Makati is open everyday from 11 AM and closes at 10 PM.
  • Contact Number: 02 8195008

Affordable Restaurant in Davao City – Lachi’s

Durian Cheesecake

Apart from the Philippine Eagle Center, Crocodile Park and the beautiful Samal Island,  Davao City is also a perfect travel destination for foodie lovers. It has various food places and restaurants to fulfill one’s gastronomic adventures. One of which is the local food place – Lachi’s.

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Lachi's Restaurant Davao City
Lachi’s Restaurant Davao City


This must visit restaurant in Davao City is located along Ruby St., Marfori Subdivision. It is near Bankerohan Public Market, Davao Crocodile Park and Gaisano Mall Davao. Lachi’s is accessible from any point in Davao City via taxi.

Simple and Cozy Ambiance

From outside, there is an indication that Lachi’s stood the test of time. It reminds me of old local restaurants I’ve visited during my travels. However, once you go inside, you will be surprised by its interiors. The furnitures and fixtures look new and the interiors are modern. Overall, the entire restaurant is very clean and well maintained.

Lachi’s Menu

Originally, Lachi’s started as a bakeshop and has become popular for its sans rival. If you have a sweet tooth, Lachi’s is the perfect food destination if you travel to Davao City. Apart from their mouthwatering deserts, on their menu are sandwiches, sausages, pastas and rice meals.

For Lachi’s Menu, click HERE.

Unforgettable Grilled Pork Ribs

I was very lucky to be with Jen who grew up in Davao City. She told me that Lachi’s has the best grilled pork ribs not only in Davao City but in the entire Philippines.  We did not hesitate to order the Unforgettable Pork Ribs (180 Php per serving).

Unforgettable Grilled Pork Ribs
Unforgettable Grilled Pork Ribs

Lachi’s Unforgettable Pork Ribs is the best I’ve ever tasted! It is juicy and perfectly cooked. For the price, I should say that this particular dish exceeded my expectations. The serving of pork ribs coupled with rice is generous. The presentation and taste is truly at par with high-end and pricey restaurants in Manila.

Durian Cheesecake and Carrot Cake

For our desert, we ordered slices of Durian Cheesecake (72 Php) and Carrot Walnut Cake (60 Php). It’s surprising that their deserts particularly the cakes are very affordable!

Durian Cheesecake
Durian Cheesecake

I personally loved the Durian Cheesecake topped with a sweetened durian. It is something new to my tastebuds. The Durian flavor is a perfect combination to the cream cheese. Again at only 72 Php, this Lachi’s signature desert is truly a must try!

Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake

The Carrot Cake topped with cream cheese and walnuts was also delicious! Jen and I are fans of Carrot cakes. We find their version of carrot cake better as it is delicious and cheaply priced.

Affordable Restaurant in Davao City

If you are visiting Davao City and searching for the best local restaurant, I am highly recommending Lachi’s. It is accessible from any point in Davao City. The entire restaurant is clean and cozy. Customer service is good too. And more importantly, with their delicious and affordable meals and deserts, Lachi’s will both satisfy your taste buds and pocket!


Where to Eat in Cagayan De Oro City? Boy Zugba

Boy Zugba Kusina Bisaya or simply Boy Zugba is one among the few local restaurants in Cagayan de Oro City.  This restaurant offers an array of grilled food and various Filipino dishes.  If you are a foodie adventurer visiting Cagayan de Oro, Boy Zugba should be on the top of your to visit food places in the city.

“Zugba” comes from the Visayan word “Sugba” which means grilled.

Boy Zugba CDO Location

Boy Zugba is situated along Corrales Avenue where most of the local restaurants in the city is located. It is also few meters away from budget accommodations such as Rich Manor Pension House, LRD Pension, CDO Hotel Cento and hotels such as Southwinds hotel and Seda CDO. Boy Zugba can easily be reached from any point in the city via taxi.

Boy Zugba CDO Facade
Boy Zugba CDO Facade
The restaurant’s eye-catching facade is modern yet with a Pinoy feel. From outside, you can say that the restaurant looks cool inside. The photo I took does not give justice to the Boy Zugba’s facade.

Note: I was literally the last guest to leave the place. And they have already turned-off the lights in the restaurant’s signage.

Cool Interiors and Atmosphere

This homegrown Cagayan de Oro City restaurant probably has the coolest interiors and atmosphere among other local restaurants in the city.

Cool Interiors
Cool Interiors
I personally love this window full of hugot lines in Visayan language. Although I hardly understand Bisaya, I’m sure these lines are funny!

Hugot Lines in Visayan Language
Hugot Lines in Visayan Language
They also have a “kumusta imong love life?” (How’s your love life) corner. Guests may pick their fortune from a bowl full of hugot lines which I’m sure anyone could relate to.

Kumusta Imong Lovelife?
Kumusta Imong Lovelife?

Creative and Witty Menu

Boy Zugba also captured my heart with its creative and witty menu. Food on their menu are humorously classified such as Ang Fried of CDO, Do it… Pancit!, Sizzle Bebeh!, Bagetz Meal and Wow Sabaw!

Here is the complete Boy Zugba Menu:


Since I visited the restaurant during dinner, I ordered Oppa Gambas Style (299 Php). It is basically Boy Zugba’s version of the Filipino dish Gambas.

Oppa Gambas Style
Oppa Gambas Style Boy Zugba
It was a surprise that the sizzling Oppa Gambas Style is served with button mushrooms (which are my favorite) and bell peppers. Shrimps are bigger than the usual Gambas which are good. The sauce is just perfect for the generous amount of shrimps.The serving of this yummy dish is actually good for 2 persons.

What's your plan, Leche Flan?
What’s your plan, Leche Flan?
For my dessert, I ordered “What’s your plan, Leche flan?” (49 Php). The presentation of this typical Filipino dessert was unexpected and cool!

Highly Recommended Restaurant in CDO

If you are travelling to Cagayan de Oro City in Misamis Oriental, make sure to visit Boy Zugba. The ambiance is cool, service is good and food is great! If you are a backpacker or a budget traveller, need not to worry as they have budget meals too!

Boy Zugba Operating Hours: Open from 11 AM to 11 PM on weekdays and 11 AM to 12 AM on weekends.

Boy Zugba Contact Numbers (They also have a branch at Centrio Mall CDO.)

  • Corrales (088) 880-5555 / 0917-7722450
  • Centrio (088) 859-0115 / 0917-7721834


The Nest Taguig – Food Park in Taguig City

The Nest Taguig Eat Shop Enjoy

The Nest Food and Lifestyle Park or simply The Nest Taguig is the newest food park in Taguig City. Opened last September, this food park is home to various food stalls offering unique dishes that would truly satisfy your taste buds.

The Nest Taguig Eat Shop Enjoy The Nest Taguig – Eat Shop Enjoy

The Nest Taguig Location

This Taguig city food park is located along Cayetano Avenue and is few meters away from Vista Mall Taguig. With no traffic, The Nest Taguig is approximately 15 minute drive from Bonifacio Global City or McKinley.

Cool Ambiance

The Nest Taguig can easily be spotted for its eye-catching facade. The food park’s area is a bit spacious compared to other food parks in the country.  Just like other food parks, The Nest Taguig has this cool and hip ambiance. Food stalls are artistically designed and so as the tables and chairs. The Nest Taguig has second level where guests who drink and smoke can hang-out. If you want a picnic style dining experience, The Nest has a mini field covered in Bermuda grass.

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Food Stalls at The Nest Taguig

There is a wide array of food choices at The Nest Taguig.  Go to Oishi doha and Sumo’s Daidikoro if you want a taste of Japan. Love Korean food? Visit K Shack.  For Mediterranean food lovers Halal Kabab express is the food stall to visit. Craving for pizza and pasta? Cuoco Felice serves Italan food! And of course for Filipino food, F2 serves Filipino food with a twist.

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Here is the complete list of food stalls at The Nest Taguig:

  • Oishi doha
  • Sumo’s Daidikoro
  • Halan kabab express
  • Shifud yata
  • Bbq boss
  • MNL Breakfast Club
  • Beachplease (seafood boodle fight)
  • Taste of heaven
  • Lush up
  • Nori sushi x burrito
  • Lush up
  • Raftel chicken wings
  • Concoktions
  • The pacifier
  • Palayok ni Goryong
  • Luchador
  • Joe’s Belly Lechon
  • Quarterback Burger
  • Pedxing

Yummy Dinner

Since we visited the food park during dinner, Jen and I searched for a food stall serving Filipino food. We chose F2 food x fusion as they serve tapa. We ordered Angus beef tapa (220 Php)and their bestseller – crackling kare-kare (220 Php).  Our order were served after 20 minutes. I guess it was an indication that their food are freshly cooked. While waiting, I checked-out the entire food park.

crackling kare kare F2 crackling kare kare F2

I loved the crackling kare-kare. This white rice topped with deep friend salted egg chicharon bulaklak in kare-kare sauce is undoubtely F2’s bestseller. Just like the typical kare-kare, F2’s version comes with a blanched vegetables and their very own bagoong.

Angus Beef Tapa Angus Beef Tapa

This 100% Angus beef infused with Pinoy Tapa sauce is something unique. This dish comes with a kapeng barako rice, fried egg and in-house mango champoy salsa.

Overall, we enjoyed our first visit to The Nest Taguig. The place looks really hip and cool. We’d definitely return to try other food stalls.

The Nest Food and Lifestyle Park Taguig

Contact Number: 0920 9563343

Schedule: Open from 4 PM to 12 AM every Mondays to Thursdays and 5 PM to 2 AM every Fridays to Sundays.

Parking: If you are bringing a car, they have a parking lot that can accommodate 200+ cars. They also allow parking on the roadside of Cayetano Avenue.

Where to eat cheap seafood in Boracay Philippines? D’ Talipapa at Station 2

Entiko Boracay Station 2

Apart from enjoying the fine white sands and crystal clear waters of Boracay, the island is also the best place to fulfill your gastronomic adventures. There are countless restaurants in the island serving various dishes such as Filipino, American, Mexican, French, Chinese and many more. If you love seafood, skip these restaurants as there is only one place to enjoy one of a kind seafood dining experience in the island – D’ Talipapa in Station 2 Boracay.

Where to eat seafood in Boracay? – D’ Talipapa

D’ Talipapa is a popular food destination among tourists visiting Boracay island. Located in the busy and crowded Station 2 of Boracay, D’ Talipapa has established its name as the ultimate food destination for seafood lovers. Just like the Seaside Dampa Macapagal in Manila, diners at D’ Talipapa get to enjoy a unique seafood dining experience.

What makes the D’ Talipapa dining experience unique?

Wet market
Wet market

Talipapa is a Filipino word which means a small wet market.

Unlike in a typical Boracay restaurant, at D’ Talipapa, you get to choose and shop from various fresh seafood in wet market.  The market offers fresh seafood such as shrimps, lobsters, crabs, oysters, squids, sea urchins, fishes and different types of shell fishes such as mussels, scallops and many more!

Tip: Use you hanging skills in the wet market. Jen and I strolled around the market to check-out the prices of fresh seafood. A kilo of medium-sized shrimps is sold from 550 Php ($11) to 600 Php ($12) . We bought a kilo of shrimps at only 500 Php ($10). Scallops is sold at 400 per kilo. We bought ours a half kilo for only 150 Php ($3).

After shopping, you will have to bring your fresh seafood to a paluto restaurant within the area.   Paluto is a Filipino word which means to have the food cooked for you.  Just like Seaside Dampa in Manila, you shop for seafood in the wet market and choose a restaurant. Ask the retaurant to cook the seafood for a cooking service charge.

Etniko Bar Resto, Paluto restaurant at D’ Talipapa Boracay

Entiko Boracay Station 2
Entiko Boracay Resto Bar, Station 3

After shopping for seafood, we immediately headed to Etniko Resto Bar. This eye-catching restaurant is literally few steps away from the wet market. Etniko Resto bar has this ethnic theme which makes it stand out from other paluto restaurants.

We browsed the menu and asked one of the staff to cook buttered shrimps and baked scallops. Cooking charge is 200 Php ($4) for the 1 kilo of shrimps and 150 Php ($3) for the half kilo of scallops. Please see the complete list of paluto (cooking) charge below:

Etniko Boracay Menu

Buttered shrimps and baked scallops
Buttered shrimps and baked scallops

I should say that the food tastes good. I personally loved the baked scallops. The food reminds me of our seafood adventures in Islas de Gigantes in Iloilo and of course Roxas City in Capiz. Related: Where to eat in Roxas City, seafood capital of the Philippines.

Here is our total expenses for our dinner at D’ Talipapa (including the paluto):

  • 1 kilo shrimps – 500 Php
  • half kilo scallops 150 Php
  • Paluto buttered shrimps – 200 Php
  • Paluto baked scallops – 150 Php
  • 3 cups of rice- 140 Php
  • 2 sodas – 100 Php
  • TOTAL 1,240 Php ($24.80)

Kindly note that our order was actually good for 3. We had to consume everything and went back to out hotel very full! Related: Hennan Prime Beach Resort Boracay – Premier Room Review

How to get to D’ Talipapa?

This seafood haven is located in Station 2. If you are coming to any part of the main road, ride a tricycle. Fare if you are coming from Stations 1 or 2 is only 10 Php each ($0.20). Alternatively, if you are coming from any part of the white beach, just walk to Station 3 and ask some locals where D’ Market is. D’ Talipapa is just within the area of D’ Market.

Highly Recommended

If you want a unique and one of a kind cultural dining experience, visit D’ Talipapa in Station 3 Boracay. You get to experience shopping in an authentic Filipino wet market and have it cooked at a nearby Filipino-owned restaurant. Would I recommend this Boracay food place? Definitely yes!

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