Pasig River Ferry Ride

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) reopened the Pasig River Ferry service last April 11, 2014. Considering one of the Philippine government’s major problems-heavy traffic in Metro Manila, reopening of this once abandoned and forgotten ferry service aims to provide commuters an alternative means of transportation.

pasig river ferry

MMDA Pasig River Ferry Personnel

Riding the Pasig River Ferry and seeing the Pasig River on a different perspective is one item on my bucket list for 2015. It feels great that that finally I’ll be experiencing what it’s like traveling the city on a boat!

Pasig River Ferry Stations

Pinagbuhatan, Pasig

San Joaquin, Pasig

Guadalupe, Makati

Hulo, Mandaluyong

Valenzuela, Makati

Lambingan, Manila

Sta.Ana, Manila

P.U.P., Manila

Lawton, Ermita, Manila

Escolta, Manila

Plaza Mexico, Intramuros, Manila

Being the nearest station from EDSA, I started my Pasig River ferry experience in Guadalupe station.

guadalupe ferry station in makati

Facade of  Guadalupe ferry station

Trip Schedule

I arrived at station at around 12:00 PM and the clerk informed me that the next trip going to Intramuros, Manila is at 12:30 PM. Unfortunately, there is no information on the exact time ferries arrive in the stations. I assume that there is an interval of at least an hour to an hour and a half  between trips. First trip starts at 6:00 AM and the last trip is at 4:15 PM.


Fares range from 30 Php to 95 Php. Unless you take a jeepney, riding a ferry is definitely cheaper (and faster!) than taxis, Uber and Grabcar.

fare matrix guadalupe bus ferry station

Pasig River Ferry Fare Matrix at Guadalupe ferry Station

Guadalupe to Plaza Miranda in Intramuros Manila costs 50 Php

Guadalupe Ferry Station

The station itself is decent but can only accommodate a small number of waiting passengers. There is a TV and electric fans in the station.

While waiting for the ferry, I was expecting that there would be a number of passengers arriving in the station. I felt a bit saddened that only few people patronize the Pasig River Ferry service.

Inside Guadalupe ferry station

mmda ferry boat ride

There are only seven of us in this 20-sitter ferry.

The trip started at exactly 12:30 PM. I felt like a kid again for being too excited on this ferry ride.

guadalupe pasig river billboards

MMDA ferry approaching Guadalupe station. I just realized that MMDA’s ferries are not identical. I was riding in a smaller white ferry. 
guadalupe bridge view from ferry
Guadalupe bridge and the billboards
There is indeed no heavy traffic in Pasig River. Well, except for water lilies that sometimes blocks the way. 
our lady of the abandoned parish mandaluyong
Our Lady of the Abandond Parish
hulo pasig river ferry station
Hulo Ferry Station

Factory along Hulo

Simply shows how progressive Manila is and…

pasig river kids swimming
shows that there are still many struggling for a better life. Kids do not deserve this.
lambingan pasig ferry station
Lambingan Ferry Station

pasig ferry sta.ana station
Sta. Ana Ferry Station
It’s such a relief to see that there are still green areas along Pasig River and..
factory in pasig river
at the same time saddening to see countless factories along the river.

 pup ferry station mmda

PUP Ferry Station

coastguard malacanang palace

Few minutes after leaving the PUP ferry station, PSGs and coastguards escorted the ferry. This is to ensure the safety of the Malacanang Palace. When we are approaching the palace, the ferry slows down to give respect to the home of the highest ranking government official of the country.

I was really amazed by the beauty of Malacanang. Unfortunately, due to security reasons, passengers are prohibited from taking photos and videos of the beautiful palace.

Quezon Bridge

Another factory

escolta old building pasig river

Escolta, Manila
post office philippines pasig river
Manila post office

MMDA personnel both in the station and the ferry are very kind and welcoming. They are well trained and they know what customer service is.
After 40 minutes, the ferry arrived at Plaza Mexico, the last station of the Pasig River Ferry service.
plaza mexico station in intramuros

Plaza Mexico, Intramuros

I enjoyed the ferry ride. I was actually expecting to see tons of garbage and not to mention experience a foul-smelling river. Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission’s (PRRC) continuous effort in rehabilitating the river definitely contributed to the waste reduction of the river. Also, I was surprised that the smell of the river is tolerable.

I’m no environmentalist, but experiencing the Pasig River Ferry ride and seeing the river and its surroundings was an eye opener. The ferry ride is not just about being an alternative mode of transportation, it is also a wake up call that we are all responsible in taking good care of the environment.


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  1. I have never experienced riding on a Pasig River Ferry. It is understandable, I am from Baguio City. But I wish someday to see the Pasig River through the River Ferry.

  2. Thanks for your comment Gilbert. If you happen to visit Manila, I would highly reccommend the Pasig river ferry ride. �� Oh man! I miss Baguio's cold weather!

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