Where to eat in Batanes? 5 restaurants you should try in Basco

Batanes is probably the most beautiful province in the Philippines. Popular among local travelers, this province in the Northernmost part of the country is known for its lush green picturesque scenery and unique stone houses. To make your Batanes trip more memorable, selecting a restaurant to fulfill your gastronomic adventures can be a bit challenging. Here are the my 5 recommended restaurants in Basco, Batanes:

1. Hudzan’s Cafe

First on my list is Hudzan’s Cafe right in the center of Basco, Batanes.

Hudzan's Cafe
Hudzan’s Cafe

Located along Abad St., Batanes’ center of trade, Hudzan’s Cafe is just walking distance from various inns and accommodations in Basco proper. Hudzan’s Cafe is a small al fresco restaurant offering the best cuisine in Basco. They offer more affordable food compared to other restaurants in town.

We tried this simple yet promising restaurant during our second night in Batanes. It was a surprise that Hudzan’s Cafe is jam-packed with guests. We ordered pork sisig (150 Php) and our favorite pancit canton (200 Php).  We had to wait for almost an hour before our food were served. It was not an issue for us as it was an indicator that food at Hudzan’s are freshly cooked. And besides, there were too many guests for a small restaurant like Hudzan’s.

Pancit Canton at Hudzan
Pancit Canton at Hudzan

Jen and I loved Hudzan’s Cafe’s pancit canton! No exaggeration but their pancit canton is the best I’ve ever tasted! I couldn’t even compare it to Max’s restaurant’s which is also our favorite.  At 200 Php, the serving is also generous and is good for 3 persons.  Their sizzling sisig also did not disappoint.  At 150 Php, serving is also generous and is actually good for 3 persons.

We were grateful that our tour guide recommended Hudzan’s Cafe as we loved their food! It was worth the wait!

  • Location: Along Abad St., Baranggay Kayhuvokan, Basco, Batanes
  • Contact Numbers: 0929 1582468 / 0939 748 0152 / 0921 7627186

2. Octagon Bed and Dine

Second on my list is Octagon Bed and Dine. This must visit Batanes restaurant is located along National road and is walking distance from Basco center.

Octagon Bed and Dine Restaurant Batanes
Octagon Bed and Dine Restaurant Batanes

We visited Octagon Bed and Dine during our third night in Batanes. This al fresco restaurant offers overlooking of the Pacific ocean. You get to enjoy fresh air and soothing sea breeze while dining here.

Carbonara, Calamarers and Paco Salad
Carbonara, Calamarers and Paco Salad

We ordered carbonara (220 Php), paco salad (200 Php) and calamares (300 Php). We loved their mouthwatering carbonara! The bacon bits were generously drizzled over the cheessy and creamy white sauce. The generous serving made us regret ordering more dishes. Nonetheless, their calamares and paco salad were also good!

  • Location: Disong Brgy. Kaychanarianan Basco,Batanes
  • Contact Number: (078) 986 7643

3. Vunong Dinette at Jessica’s Place

If there is a restaurant to try local Batanes dishes, Vunong Dinette at Jessica’s Place is the best restaurant to visit in Batanes.

Lunch at Vunong
Lunch at Vunong

We visited this restaurant as part of the complimentary lunch courtesy of Bisumi Travel & Tours. Vunong Dinette at Jessica’s Place was the very first restaurant we have tried in Batanes as it was the fist stop of our day 1 tour in the province.

I must admit that I am not a food adventurer and I rarely try new dishes during my travels. Since the lunch is free and is part of the itinerary, I had no choice but to try whatever is served to us. Surprising I enjoyed Ivatan food. The soup was good along with the turmeric rice and main dish wrapped in leaves.  For desert, they served paco salad with a yummy vinegrete-like sauce which Jen really loved.

4. Fundacion Pacita’s Cafe du Tukon

This high-end restaurant in Batanes is located in Baranggay Chanarian, Tukon, Batanes.

You get to see the amazing and relaxing lush green views when dining at Cafe du Tukon. The views are spectacular and surreal. The high-end ambiance and feel inside Cafe du Tukon make it stand out among other restaurants in Batanes.

Cafe du Tukon is Fundacion Pacita’s restaurant. We visited this beautiful food place during our day 1 tour in Batanes. Since it was merienda time, instead of going straight to Fundacion Pacita, we had a quick snack in Cafe du Tukon. We initially ordered the food we wanted but were unavailable.

Grilled Cheese Panini
Grilled Cheese Panini

We ordered Grilled Cheese Panini (285 Php) and Rich Chocolate Cake (175 Php) .  Grilled Cheese Paninini is a home baked pain au lait with cheddar cheese and mozarella cheese served with honey and wakay shoestring fries. I just find the serving a bit less for its price. Nonetheless, it was good.

I will definitely return to Cafe du Tukon to try their pasta. Food on their menu maybe a bit pricey if you are a budget traveller but I tell you, dining in a restaurant with breathtaking views is one of a kind experience!

  • Location: Fundacion Pacita, Brgy. Chanarian, Tukon, Basco, Batanes
  • Contact Numbers: 0939-9016353 / 0917-8559364

5. Amboy’s Hometel

Last on my list is Amboy’s Hometel’s breakfast.  Apart from being one of Batanes’ best accommodations, Amboy’s Hometel has its very own restaurant offering various Filipino dishes.

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Buffet Breakfast at Ambioy's Hometel's Restaurant
Buffet Breakfast at Ambioy’s Hometel’s Restaurant

We stayed at Amboy’s Hometel during our 1st night in Batanes.  I am including Amboy’s Hometel’s restaurant as we enjoyed their complimentary breakfast buffet.  We were served rice, arroz caldo, eggplant, longganisa, egg, coffee and fruits.

Here’s a video Amboy’s Hometel’s restaurant.

  • Location: Brgy. Chanarian, Basco, Batanes
  • Contact Number: 09178717361 / 09209103494


Look: Kape Brew – Local Coffee Shop in Taguig

Kape Brew Taguig City

Kape Brew is one among the few promising local coffee shops in the Taguig City. Located along Levi B. Mariano avenue, Usuasan, Taguig City, Kape Brew is a few minute drive from The Nest Taguig, Taguig City Hall, All Home Taguig, Camella Grenville and Acacia Estates. This humble coffee shop is walking distance from Tres Palmas Condominium, Hafele, Panglao Oasis and Taguig Medical Center.

Kape Brew Taguig City
Kape Brew Taguig City

Kape Brew’s façade is truly eye-catching. The huge signage engraved in wood makes it stand out in the area. You wouldn’t miss Kape Brew when you’re passing by Levi Mariano. If you are bringing a car, note that there is only a limited parking space in front of Ministop.

Unlike the more popular and commercialized coffee shops, Kape Brew’s limited real estate makes it private and quiet. A perfect place to read, study or even work while enjoying coffee. Truly a haven to those who do not want crowded and noisy cafes.

Simple and Homey Interior

Kape Brew Interior
Kape Brew Interior

Being a local coffee shop, I was not really expecting fancy interiors when we entered Kape Brew. Surprisingly, it’s interior is well thought of. Chairs and tables are carefully arranged. The furniture and fixtures are consistent with the huge Café Brew signage on its facade. Given its small space, the entire coffee shop looks spacious. I personally love the wooden tables and chairs along with the wall writing quotes and art. Overall, the interior is simple, clean and homey.

Wall art
Wall art

Affordable Coffee Shop

We checked out the menu and were surprised that their coffee and food offerings are very affordable! Since we visited after lunch, we weren’t able to try their food. We ordered Wintermelon Milktea (90 Php) and Salted Caramel Frapuccino (135 Php) instead.

Kape Brew's milk tea and frap
Kape Brew’s Wintermelon Milk Tea and Salted Caramel frap

Kape Brew Menu

Cold Drinks
Small (12 oz) Big (16 oz)
Iced Latte 100 110
Iced Mocha 110 120
Iced Chocolate 110 120
Iced Matcha Latte 110 120
Iced Caramel Macchiato 110 120
Wintermelon Milk Tea 90
Classic Mocha 120 130
Classic Chocolate Cream 120 130
Chocolate Java Chip 125 135
Cookies & Cream 125 135
Salted Caramel 125 135
Matcha Cream 125 135
Hot Drinks
Espresso Single 25 Double 75
Short (8 oz) Tall (12 oz)
Americano 80 90
Latte 90 100
Cappuccino 90 100
Mocha 95 105
Caramel Macchiato 95 105
Classic Hot Chocolate 95 105
Matcha 90 100
Tea 70


All Day Breakfast


Beef Tapa

with garlic rice & egg

Classic Adobo

with garlic rice & egg

Pork Embutido

with garlic rice


with garlic rice & egg

Chicken Sausage

with garlic rice & egg

Pasta (with 2 pcs. Garlic bread)
Beef Lasagna 150
Baked Macaroni 150
Pesto Pasta 150
Pandesal with homemade chicken spread and lettuce 90
Pandesal with smap, egg and lettuce 90

Kape Brew Loyalty Card

This must visit Taguig coffee shop also offers perks to their loyal customers. They now have a loyalty card where you can get 50% off on any beverage and even get free beverage and pastry. Just make sure you have your loyalty card signed every you visit Kape Brew.

Kape Brew Loyalty Card
Kape Brew Loyalty Card

Highly Recommended Coffee Shop in Taguig

If you are visiting Taguig city, I would highly recommend Kape Brew. The place is nice, calm and peaceful.  As for the service, the owner along with the baristas are very welcoming and accommodating.  Coffee and food on their menu are very affordable! So, forget the mainstream coffee shops in the area and give Kape Brew a try!

Kape Brew

Kape Brew

  • Tres Palmas Commercial Arcade, Levi Mariano Ave., Ususan, Taguig
  • Contact Numbers: 8744172 / 09052347929 / 09957227880

Venice in Manila: Venice Grand Canal Mckinley Hill Taguig

Venice Grand Canal Mckinley

Located in the 50-hectare Venice Piazza under the development of Megaworld Corporation, The Grand Canal Mall’s Venice Grand Canal is fast becoming tourist hotspot in Taguig City. Inspired by Italy’s Venice Canal and Macau’s Venetian Grand Canal, wandering around the mall will make you feel you are in Venice or in Venetian Macau.

The Grand Canal Mall Mckinley Taguig

The Venice Grand Canal is the center of attraction among the tourists in The Grand Canal Mall. Due to its uniqueness and picturesque views, you will see countless visitors taking selfies and groupies by the canal. For first time visitors like me, it was such a delight to see the beautiful architecture resembling that of Venice. Being a mall, there is no entrance fee to see and enjoy the beautiful Venice Grand Canal.

Venice Grand Canal BGC

The mall itself is yet to be completed. As of this writing, there are still many shops and stalls that are yet to open. Nonetheless, there is already a good number of restaurants in the mall, most of which are high-end and a bit pricey for budget travelers.

Restaurants, fastfoods and shops at The Grand Canal Mall

7 Soles
Almon Marina
Bose london
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Burger king
Cafe Mary Grace
Cafe Seolhwa
Chiara’s Gelateria
Churreria La Lola
Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf
Comfort Tuesday
Cotton candy
Deli cieux
Empire bar
Erb and chet
Gran caffè
Grand Cafe Lavena
Hearts arrows
Hokkaido Takoyaki
Little Manila
Man hann (opening soon)
Mati’s Meat and Bread
Milk Cow
Mitsuyado sei-men
Mu thai
Munch roasts and salads
My Thai Kitchen
Nacho Bimby
New Bombay Royal (opening soon)
Office warehouse
Pepper Luch Express
Pho hoa
Pie Face
Ponte Rialto restorabte italiano
Ramen Kuroda
Rice and Dough
Rice Paper
S & R Pizza
Holland Tulips
Shoe salon
Skin station
Sky castle
Starbucks Coffee
Sunglass Haven to
Sweet bites
TGI Fridays
Tgi fridays
The Meatball Revolution
The Travel Club
Toni & Sergio
Toy town
Watsons to o
World balance
Yellow Cab Pizza

Gondolas at The Venice Grand Canal

Gondola ride pick-up and drop-off point

Just like that of Venice in Italy and Venetian in Macau, the Venice Grand Canal offers gondola ride that will cruise the entire stretch of the canal. The gondola ride costs 500 Php per person. This may be a bit pricey but seeing the mall’s architecture from the canal’s perspective must be a different experience.  Gondola ride only operates during weekends from noon time until the mall closes at 10:00 PM.


Interestingly enough, to make your Venice Grand Canal gondola ride experience memorable, boat paddlers wear the traditional “gondolier clothing”. While watching gondolas cruising the canal, we have also witnessed one boat paddler singing a classical Italian song to his passengers.

How to get to Venice Grand Canal

Getting to McKinley Hill particularly the Venice Grand Canal by commute may be a bit difficult. Visit this link for the complete instructions on how to get to McKinley Hill.

Tip: Visit the Venice Grand Canal without any hassles. Enjoy 100 Pesos off on your first 2 Uber rides!  Just use the promo code edp1000ue to avail the discount when you sign up here.

Hotels Near Venice Grand Canal

There are a couple of hotels nearby Venice Grand Canal. You may stay choose from Seda Hotel, Ascott or F1 Hotel Manila. (Read my full review of F1 Hotel Manila).

Overall, we enjoyed our quick visit to The Venice Grand Canal in McKinley. The place is unique and is new to Filipinos who have never visited Venice or Macau. Kudos to Megaworld Corporation for bringing a taste of Venice in Manila.

Little Beijing Restaurant Karuhatan Valenzuela City

Chicken with Cashew Nuts Little Beijing

Little Beijing is one among the few restaurants in Valenzuela City that is not located in malls or food centers. Located along McArthur highway in Barangay Karuhatan, Little Beijing Restaurant is literally a few steps away from Meaco Hotel and SM Center Valenzuela.

Little Beijing Restaurant Valenzuela City
Facade of Little Beijing Restaurant in Valenzuela City, Parking area is in front of the restaurant

From the name of the restaurant itself, Little Beijing serves Chinese cuisine. On their menu are the typical Cantonese dishes ranging from dimsums, seafoods, century eggs to noodles.

Little Beijing Restaurant Menu

Since we were staying at the nearby Meaco Hotel, we did not hesitate to check Little Beijing Restaurant for our late lunch. As we approach the entrance of the restaurant, we were greeted by the courteous security guard. As we entered, we were immediately assisted by one of the restaurant’s staff.

Little Beijing Restaurant’s interior is at par with that of famous Chinese Restaurants in the Metro. Fixtures look new and the entire place is clean. The cozy atmosphere sets Little Beijing apart from other Chinese restaurants in Valenzuela.

Since we visited for lunch, it was surprising that only a few tables were occupied. Compared to Golden Crown, another Chinese restaurant in Valenzuela, Little Beijing is less busy and more quiet. Perhaps due to the fact that Little Beijing Restaurant is more upscale than the former.


We ordered Chicken with Cashew Nuts (220 Php) and Yangchao fried rice (220 Php) and Siomai (48 Php). While waiting for our orders, tea was served.

Little Beijing restaurant has a dimsum promo everyday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM where dimsums are discounted. This promo is valid for orders placed between the said time. So we only paid 48 Php for the siomai instead of 70 Php.

We learned from the waiter that the Chicken with Cashew Nuts is a new addition to their menu. Given that I’m not really a fan of dishes with nuts, the dish was good. I loved the mixed vegetables and the cashew nuts complement to the overall taste of the dish. The Yangchao fried rice was also good and the serving was generous. What I loved the most is Little Beijing’s freshly steamed Siomai. It was tasty and by far one of the best siomai I’ve tasted!

Overall, we enjoyed our Little Beijing Restaurant dining experience. The staff, from security guard to the waiters are friendly. Food are good (especially the siomai).  We are definitely coming back to try their other dishes!

Little Beijing Restaurant Valenzuela City

Contact Number / Delivery hotline: 63-2-4321352 / +63-2-7823924
e-mail: [email protected]
Address: 196 MacArthur Highway, Karuhatan
Operating Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM

Capiz Hotel: Roxas President’s Inn

Hotel room in Roxas President's Inn

Since I did not have any hotel reservations, I had to quickly research for a good and decent hotel the moment I arrived in Roxas City bus terminal. Well, Roxas President’s Inn must be a very popular accommodation in Capiz as there are countless of good reviews and feedback about this hotel.

Getting There

Note that there are no jeepneys or taxis in most of part of Roxas City. The only way to get around is via tricycles. If you are coming from the Roxas airport or Roxas city bus terminal, inform the tricycle driver to bring you to Roxas President’s Inn.  I paid 50 Php/$1.00 for the tricycle ride from bus terminal to the hotel.

Roxas City Hotel

Located in Rizal street corner Lopez Jaena, Roxas’s President’s Inn is is situated in the center of Roxas City. It is few meters away from a number of tourist destinations in the city such as Manuel Roxas ancestral home, Capiz Museum, provincial capitol and the iconic Roxas City fountain. If you get hungry, this hotel is also nearby a number of restaurants such as Spanngo Cafe and Raffy’s Bistro.

Roxas President's Inn Capiz

The Spanish-Filipino architecture of Roxas President’s Inn

Dining are Roxas Inn

Dining area and concierge

Staircase at Roxas President's Inn

At night, guests get to feel the traditional and warm ambiance of the hotel.

Chandelier at Roxas President's Inn

There are also elegant antique chandeliers. There are actually made in 1920s.

roxas president's capiz

You also get to see a number of displays showcasing Spanish-Filipino culture. In fact, there is a rare finds art gallery beside the concierge (which I was unable to take a photo). By the way, the Machucha floor tiles reminds me of Hotel Felicidad in Vigan City.

All rooms in Roxas President’s Inn are named after Philippines presidents. I checked-in at Osmena Suite.

Osmena Suite at Roxas President's Inn  Hotel room in Roxas President's Inn

The room’s Spanish-Filipino interior makes this hotel unique. The bed partnered with a headboard made of Capiz shells is very comfortable. Room flooring is made of hardwood Molave.

Roxas President's Hotel Room

Guests can also enjoy a high-speed Wifi internet access, cable TV, 24 hour room service, laundry service in-room massage service and daily newspaper.


Few minutes after entering the room, the bellboy served this as a complimentary welcome drink.

Roxas President's Inn toilet Toilet at Roxas President's Inn Hotel

There is nothing special about the toilet except for its hold and cold shower. Nonetheless, it is very clean.

Roxas President’s Inn Rooms and Rates

  • Deluxe Single has 1 single bed and is good for one person (Aguinaldo Suite, Osmena Suite, Estrada Suite)
  • Deluxe Full has 1 full-sized bed and is good for one person (Laurel Suite)
  • Deluxe Matrimonial has a 1 queen sized bed and it good for two persons (Magsaysay Suite, Garcia Suite, Aquino Suite, Marcos Suite)
  • Deluxe Twin has 2 single beds and is good for 2 persons (Arroyo Suite. Quirino Suite, Macapagal Suite, Quezon Suite, Ramos Suite, Arroyo Suite)
  • Presidential Suite  has 1 queen sized bed, 1 single bed and good for 3 persons (Dinglasan Suite, Roxas Suite)

I stayed in Osmena Suite and paid 2,217.00 Php/approx. $44.34 for a 2-night accommodation. I was given a PWD discount by the very  welcoming and accommodating concierge. As for the rest of the rates, please contact Roxas President’s Inn toll free number – 1-800-843-4343 loc.3349 or (036) 6210-208 or  e-mail them at [email protected].

You may also check the rates/book a room here.

Overall, I had a great time staying in Roxas President’s Roxas Inn. The staff from security guard to the concierge are very friendly. With the affordable room rates and superb customer service, I would highly recommend this Roxas City hotel.

Hotel in Iloilo: Injap Tower Hotel Review

Room for three at Injap

Injap Tower Hotel is located along Diversion road and is just across SM City Iloilo. This tower is actually the tallest structure in Western Visayas. Being the first and only high-rise building, this 21-storey hotel is considered as one of Iloilo’s notable modern landmarks.

I was originally dropped off by the van at Injap Tower Hotel during my first day at Iloilo City. I opted to look for a cheaper hotel instead and landed at the Dragon Lodge where I spent my first night in Iloilo. Upon reading good reviews about Injap Tower, I did not hesitate to transfer in this hotel for my second night in the City of Love.

The highest building in Western Visayas
Facade of Injap Tower Hotel

Modern Feel at Injap Tower Hotel Lobby

Injap Tower Hotel’s lobby has this simple yet modern feel. The lobby is simple, very clean and well maintained. The furniture and fixtures look very new and modern. However, the entire lobby and the reception area look a bit small for its towering size.

The hotel’s hallways are plain simple, clean and spacious.  There is nothing much to see here except for the noticeable high-end key card door locks in as you pass by each room.

Hotel Room

All rooms are 21 square meter in size and come with a queen size and a standard bed. At 21 square meters, the room look spacious.  It was surprising to see a mini kitchen with sink,  microwave oven and a mini refrigerator in the room. Apart from these, rooms also come with a telephone with NDD and IDD calls, 46” LED cable TV with HDMI Capacity and a free Wifi access with strong internet connection.

The bed and pillows are very comfortable and are par with that high-end hotels in Manila. The air conditioning unit works perfectly. If you are bringing work at your Injap Tower Hotel room, there is a small table that can serve as your work space. As for the toilet and bath, it was very clean and fixtures look very new. Toiletries are provided on a mini pouch with Injap Tower Hotel branding. There is a glass partition separating the shower from the toilet. There are no issues with the water pressure. Hot and cold shower is works perfectly too.

Tip: Since Iloilo City is a smoke-free city, there are no smoking areas in this hotel. If you are smoker, I would suggest checking-in at Dragon Lodge Iloilo instead.

Injap Tower Hotel Room Rates

Room rates vary depending on the occupancy per day. In my case, I paid 1,800 Php ($36.00) for a night at the Injap Tower Hotel. Check room availability and prices HERE (Agoda).

The Horizon Cafe

The hotel is also famous for its Horizon Cafe located on the 21st floor, the highest floor in the hotel. Being the tallest building in Iloilo, Injap Tower Hotel’s Horizon Cafe provides a panoramic view of Iloilo City to its diners.


Other facilities at Injap Tower Hotel 

  • use of lap pool located in 5th floor
  • use of the gym at the Injap Fitness Center
  •  Access to The Horizon Café at the 21st floor of the tower
  • Ample Parking space
  • 3 high-speed elevator units
  • 24/7 standby power generator

I should say that I enjoyed my overnight stay at Injap Tower Tower. The price may be a bit expensive for a budget traveller. Nonetheless, with the accessibility, clean-rooms and being the current tallest building in Western Visayas, Injap Tower Hotel is truly a must visit hotel.

Injap Tower Hotel
Contact number (+63 33) 330 7111.
Online booking  HERE (Agoda)

Dragon Lodge Iloilo City

Room for 2 at Dragon Lodge Ililo

After a long 4 hour van ride from Caticlan, I had no idea where to stay in Iloilo City. The van dropped me in front of Injap Tower Hotel. By merely looking at it’s facade, I told myself not to check the rates as my goal was to travel as thrifty as I can. With that in mind, I asked one of the cab drivers parked in front of Injap Tower to bring me to a cheaper accommodation in the city. He asked if I was fine with a lodge or an inn. I said yes since I don’t find anything wrong with an inn or a lodge.The driver brought me then in Dragon Lodge Drive-in Hotel.

The moment I arrived at Dragon Lodge, the set-up was like that of taxi room motels in Manila. Well, this explains why the cab driver asked me earlier if i was fine staying in a lodge or an inn. I later learned from locals that lodges and inns in Iloilo are actually motels.  I didn’t mind and immediately checked-in as it was already 2:00 AM.

Formerly known by the locals as “The Green Dragon Lodge”,  Dragon Lodge or DL Drive-in Hotel is located along Lopez Jaena St., Molo, Iloilo City. It is a 10-minute jeepney ride from SM City Iloilo.

Dragon Lodge in Iloilo City

Given that this is a motel, the room is very decent, clean and relatively new. The interior is modern minimalist. The toilet is separated  from the room itself by a glass partition. There is also a cable TV!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dragon Lodge Iloilo Room Rates

3 hours 220 Php/$4.40
12 hours  770 Php/$15.40
24 hours 1300 Php/$26.00

If you will be staying here during your Iloilo City visit, here are the pros and cons:

All rooms are good for two persons only.

Since this is a motel, they do not issue the room key to their guests. Some motels in the Philippines do not issue room keys as places like this are actually built for short time accommodation.

There is a small vestibule in the room where the first and main door is always locked outside. With this, you will always have to call the operator when you want to go out of your room. Moreover, you will also have to ask the reception to open your room door if you are coming from outside.

The rates are very cheap. This place is a good choice if you are traveling on a budget.

Unlike with hotels where check-in time is usually at 12:00 PM, you can check-in here at any given time of the day. I actually checked-in at 2:00 AM. Check-out time depends on the room rate you have availed.

My Take
If you are a budget traveler, I would definitely recommend this place. Security might be an issue since you do not have the door key while you are out and you can not easily go out of the room in case of emergency. Nonetheless, I was assured by the staff that the place is very safe. During my 24 hour check-in period in Dragon Lodge, I was mostly outside wandering Iloilo City and all my stuffs were safe while I was out. If you do not want to stay at Dragon Lodge, you may also check and book your Iloilo City hotel here.

Brasas SM North EDSA, Latin American Streetfood

Carne Asada Brasas

Located at the 4th floor of The Block, Brasas is one of the newest and one of its kind restaurant in SM North EDSA. Perhaps the first restaurant to offer authentic Latin American cuisine in Manila.  Brasas promises a taste of street food Latin American dining experience.Brasas’ limited real estate is compensated by its unique interior.  High end wooden tables are perfectly positioned giving diners enough space to freely move.  Walls are eye catching.  There is a part in the area where a number of Portuguese and Spanish words are artistically written.  The entire restaurant is also well lighted.

Brasas the block interior

As first time diners in Brasas, I was shocked when there is a sign in the table saying “Please order at the counter.”  We hurriedly went to the counter and one of the waiters handed us the menu.  At the counter, you will see how they prepare these to die for Latin American cuisines.  It amazes me that their chef is a Latina.

Brasas SM North Counter

I ordered Carne Asada Platter, a charcoal grilled sliced beef sirloin with South American slaw, a single Patacones and Yellow Latin rice.  The platter is also served with a Chimichurri sauce.  My friend ordered Pollo Asado Platter, just the same thing with Carna Asada except for the grilled chicken.  It took just about 15 minutes when our orders were served.

brasas rice meal

Carne Asada Platter is priced at 250.00 Php.

I immediately tasted the chargrilled beef the moment the platter was served.  The beef is perfectly cooked, very tender and generously on top of the delicious Latin yellow rice.  Because of its green color, Chimichurri intrigued me.  Well, needless to say, its goes perfectly with the delicous chargrilled beef.  For the side dish, Patacones, a yellow chip made of sliced green plantain serves as the appetizer.  The healthy and fresh Latin slaw is also perfect!

pollo asado brasas

Pollo Asado is priced at 210.00 Php

Latin iced tea brasas

Latin Iced Tea is priced at 80 Php.

I also loved the Latin Iced Tea. I actually had two orders of this.

Since there is a wide array of authentic Latin American food in Brasas Menu, I would definitely come back to try their other dishes. Aside from this, with the price, serving is generous. The ambiance is good, except that I did not hear any music to set the mood of the diners. Customer service is also good. The counter lady and the servers were all accommodating. I would highly recommend Brasas!

Aside from The Block SM North EDSA, Brasas Philippines branches also include SM Aura Premier and The Podium.


Visit Brasas Facebook Page.