U HOTELS Makati Philippines + BLOG & VIDEO Review, Discounted Room Rates

U Hotel's Lobby Lounge

U Hotels Makati is the newest addition to Makati’s wide array of hotels and accommodation. Pegged as the very first art hotel in Poblacion, U Hotels opened its doors in April 2018. The “U” in U Hotels stands for the last name of the owner – Alfredo Yu.

Good Location

Located in P. Burgos St. corner San Mateo St. in Poblacion, Makati, U Hotels is near from various establishments in Makati. If you are a food adventurer, U Hotels Makati is just walking distance from interesting local restaurants and cafes. It is also walking distance from malls such as A Venue and Century City mall. If you are into night life, U Hotels is also near to various bars and bistros.

U Hotels Makati – Budget Friendly Art Hotel

Being the very first art hotel Poblacion, Makati, U Hotels showcases unique and artistically designed rooms and common areas. Each room in U Hotels features a wall art painted a local Filipino artist.

U Hotels Makati Budget-Friendly Room Rates

  • Standard Double – 3,000 Php (58 USD)
  • Superior Twin – 3,400 Php (65 USD)
  • Deluxe King – 4,200 Php (81 USD)
  • Deluxe Triple – 4,500 Php (86 USD)

Tip: We booked our Standard Double room at U Hotels for less than 2,000 Php. Like us, you too can enjoy huge discount if you book your U Hotels room HERE.

Lobby Lounge

U Hotel's Lobby Lounge
U Hotel’s Lobby Lounge

Upon entering U Hotels Makati, a classy yet modern vibe will welcome you in its lobby lounge. There is an area showing “Welcome” in various languages designed by a local artist and calligrapher Arvin del Rosario. Being a budget hotel, it was surprising to see its lobby lounge filled with high-end fixtures and furnitures.

The entire lobby lounge is available for guests who want hang-out, eat or even work! There’s actually an abundance of electrical sockets in U Hotels Lobby Lounge!

Free Snacks and Coffee 24/7

If you are a checked-in guest, U Hotels Makati provides free snacks, juices and coffee 24/7! This perk for U Hotels guests are available on its lobby lounge.

When we visited U Hotels, free snacks were unlimited animal shaped cookies and a biscocho. Available drinks were unlimited coffee, Pandan Iced tea and fruits and vegetables infused water.

Complimentary Breakfast

Budget hotels do not usually offer complimentary breakfast buffet but not in U Hotels Makati! This art hotel serves buffet breakfast daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

U Hotels Makati’s complimentary breakfast did not disappoint! The overflowing coffee, scrambled egg and fried rice made our morning!  I first experienced having options for bacon (regularly cooked or crispy) at Hennan Prime Beach Resort in Boracay and U Hotels also offers such options on their breakfast buffet!

Complimentary Breakfast
Complimentary Breakfast

Apart from their crispy bacon, another must try on U Hotel Makati’s buffet breakfast is their waffles. Note though that waffles are served upon request. So, make sure to ask one of the friendly waitresses if you want to add waffles on your breakfast.

Waffles at U Hotels Makati Philippines
Waffles at U Hotels Makati Philippines

Great Customer Service

Reception area
Reception area

Being a budget-friendly hotel, I should say that I did not expect on U Hotels’ customer service. To my surprise, U Hotels staff are very welcoming and accommodating! We felt very special right the moment we arrived in U Hotel’s vicinity.  The guard immediately helped us securing a parking in front of the hotel. When we entered the lobby, U Hotel’s pleasing receptionists greeted and immediately accommodated us for check-in. There was even a staff who helped us carry our backpacks to our room. The waitresses in the hotel’s dining area are also very accommodating. With the superb customer service, we felt we were staying in a 4 star hotel.

Tip: If you are bringing a car, note that U Hotels has a limited parking space. Make sure to arrive before check-in to secure a parking.

Standard Double Room

We booked our U Hotels Makati room via Agoda and we had the Standard Double room for less than 2000 Php (38 USD). I was excited to see our room as the wall art in each U Hotels room is unique. I was wondering what would be the design on our room’s wall.

Standard Room at U Hotels
Standard Double Room at U Hotels

All U Hotels rooms have modern minimalist interiors with fusion of industrial design. Our room has an uneven cut and I like the fact that furnitures and fixtures were carefully and strategically arranged throughout the room. There is an open cabinet and beneath it is a personal refrigerator and a space for luggage. I personally love the modern and industrial design of the cabinet and would definitely love to have one at home!

The room also comes with a vanity area that can also be used as a work area. If you have valuables, there is also a safety deposit box. If you need something, front desk is just a call away as the room also has a telephone.

Work area
Work area

Across the work area is sofa bed, side table and the double bed. The bed is very comfortable and is at par with the ones you get to experience in high-end hotels. The linens and pillows are good too! I just wish that they would provide more than two pillows given that it is a double bed.

U Hotels Makati
U Hotels Makati

Across the sofa bed and the bed is an LCD cable TV. When we visited U Hotels, there was a notice inside the elevator that both cable TV and WiFi connection are currently being improved. So we only had few channels on the TV and weak internet connection. I’m pretty sure that U Hotels now has improved cable TV channels and strong internet connection.

Another surprise at U Hotels is its toilet and bath. Just like other high-end hotels, basic toiletries are provided.  The spacious toilet and bath are separated by a glass partition. There is a hot and cold shower and a generous volume of liquid soap and shampoo.  The water pressure is great too!

Best Budget Hotel in Poblacion, Makati?

As of this writing, I’ve tried 3 hotels in Poblacion, Makati and I should say that my favorite is U Hotels! It is strategically located and is near to restaurants, bars and malls. The entire hotel and its rooms are very clean and well maintained. And of course the customer service is good! Not to mention their free snacks 24/7 plus and their yummy complimentary breakfast!

U Hotels Makati

  • Address: 5091 P. Burgos Street Corner San Mateo Street, Poblacion, Makati City, Philippines
  • Contact Numbers: +632 820 1000
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Discounted Room Rates HERE.

Affordable Resort in Camiguin Island – Marianita’s Cottages

Marianita's Cottages Camiguin Philippines

If you are planning to visit the beautiful Camiguin province, there is a number of resorts and accommodations in the island. For luxury travelers, there are high-end but expensive resorts such as Balai sa Baibai and Guerrera Rice Paddy Villas. On the other hand, for budget travelers, you may stay at GV Hotel Camiguin or The Yellow House in Camiguin. There are also mid-range resorts if you want comfort and convenience, one of which is my highly recommended resort – Marianita’s Cottages.

beachfront rooms at Marianita's Cottages
beachfront rooms at Marianita’s Cottages

Peaceful and Quiet Location

Marianita’s Cottages is situated along Camiguin Circumferential Road, Mambajao, Camiguin. It is ideally located in the center of Yumbing bay ad just across Camiguin’s white island. The resort is 7 kilometers away from Mambajao proper which makes its surroundings more peaceful and quiet.

non-beachfront rooms
non-beachfront rooms
The resort’s proximity to various Camiguin island tourist spots is also an advantage. The port going to Camiguin’s famous white island is just 2 minute multicab/tricycle away from Marianita’s cottages. Marianita’s Cottages is also close to many restaurants and food places in Mambajo. It is also 10 minutes away from Camiguin airport.

Very Clean and Well-Maintained Resort

Surprisingly, Marianita’s Cottages is very clean. The resort’s real estate may be limited but the location of rooms, reception and the beachfront area were artistically and carefully planned. Each room has its own balcony with a dinette set. Cool signages can be seen pointing to the cottages and the beach. The beach front cottages are just few steps away from the mini bar and beach beds.

The spacious rooms are very clean, simple yet stylish. I personally loved the bed and pillows. The lines and pillow cases are very clean and are of high quality. They’re very comfortable and can be at par with that of high-end resorts. The flooring is also something unique and special. The air-conditioned rooms also comes with a cable LCD TV, free WiFi, mini sofa, dresser, basic toiletries and personal refrigerator. If you want some snacks or drinks, the refrigerator is packed with snacks, bottled water, juices and beers. The stylish toilet and bath is also very clean and comes with a hot and cold shower.

Marianita’s Cottages Room Rates

Marianita’s Cottages room rates are very affordable. Below are the published room rates of this Camiguin resort:

  • Standard Room (fan) for 2 PAX- 1,200 Php (24 USD)
  • Superior Room (Air Conditioned) for 2 PAX – 1,500 Php (30 USD)
  • Beach Front Room (Air Conditioned) for 2 PAX – 1,800 Php (36 USD)
  • Front Beach Suite (Air Conditioned) for up to 4 PAX – 2,100 Php (42 USD)

Tip: Rates are cheaper if you book online HERE. I was able to book the Superior Room (non-beachfront room) few hours before checking-in  at 1,400 Php instead of 1,500 Php. Rates are cheaper if you book ahead of your Camiguin visit.

Highly Recommended Camiguin Resort

I would highly recommend Marianita’s Cottages to anyone who is visiting Camiguin island. The rooms and the entire resort are very clean and well-maintained. The receptionists Bem-bem and Jen along with the owner are very friendly and accommodating. I had my Camiguin island tour during my second day in the island. I had to check-out before 12 PM, left my backpack in the resort and continued with my tour. When I returned to Marianita’s, they were so kind to even offer me free use of their shower. They truly know what customer service is!

Marianita’s Cottages

Contact Number: +639171045304

Address: Purok 2- Yumbing, National Highway 9100 Mambajao, Camiguin

Online Booking HERE


7 Reasons why Henann Prime Beach Resort is a perfect hotel for your Boracay trip

Henann Prime Beach Resort

Henann Prime Beach Resort is the newest and very first Henann beachfront resort in station 1 Boracay. Opened in November 2016, Henann Prime Beach Resort is becoming a popular choice of station 1 Boracay hotel among tourists.

Me being a first timer in Boracay, Jen made sure that to book the best but not the priciest hotel in the island. We were lucky to have booked Henann Prime Beach Resort’s Splendid Package which is a 2 nights and 3 days stay including 2 buffet breakfast, 2 buffet dinner and airport transfers.

We loved everything about Henann Prime Beach Resort and we’re definitely recommending it to anyone who’s planning to visit Boracay. Here are my 7 Reasons why Henann Prime Beach Resort is a Perfect Hotel for your Boracay Trip:

1. Breathtaking Beachfront Resort

Me enjoying the beautiful beach front of Henann Prime Beach Resort
Me enjoying the beautiful beach front of Henann Prime Beach Resort

Situated in station 1 which is known to as home of luxury and high–end resorts in Boracay, Henann Prime Beach Resort has the best beachfront compared to other Henann resorts in Boracay island. It’s beachfront is as equally beautiful as other station 1 hotels and resorts. The beachfront is the perfect spot to enjoy the breathtaking view of fine white sands and pristine waters of Boracay.  From afar, Henann Prime Beach resort’s facade stands out for it’s signature blue-green beach beds with stylish white umbrellas.

Henann Prime Beach Resort
Henann Prime Beach Resort

The facade is truly eye-catching.  It has a high-end look and feel. The beautiful beach beds are just few meters from the shore and are perfectly placed for relaxation. Almost all tourists walking in the shore take a glimpse of the carefully arranged and classy beach beds of Henann Prime Beach Resort.

Watch my short video featuring Henann Prime Beach Resort’s beachfront:

2. Superb Customer service

Henann Prime Beach Resort knows what customer service is! The superb customer service starts the moment you arrive in the in the airport. You will experience a VIP treatment throughout your stay, from your Caticalan airport transfer to Henann Prime, during your stay in the resort, until your transfer from Henann Prime to Caticlan airport.

The moment we arrived at Henann Prime Beach Resort, we were warmly greeted by the security guard, luggage attendant and Jcel- resort’s front desk. Since we way too early for the 3:00 PM check-in, we were allowed to check-in at 1:30 PM. We even asked to give us a smoking room. Jcel was kind enough to provide us a Premier room on the 3rd floor, where smoking in the balcony is allowed. While waiting, we checked out Sea Salt Cafe and relaxed at the beach bed. We have not officially checked-in yet but the beach attendant surprised us by serving cold glasses of water and giving us towels while we were on the beach beds.

With Sir Art, Henann Prime's Manager on Duty
With Sir Art, Henann Prime’s Manager on Duty

All the staff were very welcoming and accommodating. Every time we bump into a staff in the resort’s vicinity, we were sincerely and politely greeted. There were occurrences where we had to cross the main road and the lady guard made sure of our safety while crossing road. We felt very special.

Some of the staff of Sea Salt Cafe, Henann Prime
Some of the staff of Sea Salt Cafe, Henann Prime

During buffet breakfast and dinner, Sea Salt Cafe staff were very accommodating. They were very helpful and were always ready to serve guests. Sir Art, the manager on duty, was very welcoming and accommodating. He makes sure that food are readily available throughout the duration of buffet. He always ensures that chaffers are always refilled so you will need not to worry about running out of your favorite food in the buffet.

3. Smooth Airport Transfer

It amazed me how organized and seamless the airport transfers were. Since we booked via Henann’s reservation, we did not experience any issues at all. The airport transfers went well. We arrived at Henann Prime Beach Resort fresh and relaxed.

Caticlan Airport to Cagban Port

Henann Group of Resorts Boracay van
Henann Group of Resorts Boracay van

The moment you arrive in Caticlan airport, there are Henann staff with a Hennan placard waiting for you. These Hanann staff will direct you to your van transfer from Caticlan airport to an exclusive Henann Group of Resorts port. This port is nearby to Caticlan port where tourists go for a boat transfer to Cagban port. Since Henann group of resorts has its exclusive port, you will need not to worry about enduring the long lines and waiting time in Caticlan port. In addition, you also get to ride a Henann Group of Resorts’ speed boat. Meaning, you will not have to undergo the usual process of falling in line, paying for the environmental fee and waiting for the boat to fill up.

Cagban Port to Hannan Prime Beach Resort


Henann Group of Resort’s boat immediately leaves for Cagban port once you aboard. And it only takes less than 10 minutes boat ride from Caticlan port to Cagban port compared to approximately 20 to 30 minutes when you board a public boat in Caticlan port.

Once you reach Cagban port, they will direct you to a Hennan group of resorts van that will bring you to Henann Prime Beach resort. If you have a heavy luggage, no need to worry as the Henann staff will take good care of your luggage throughout the transfers.

I should say that Hennan Prime Beach resorts exceeded my expectations. I did not really expect that the transfer was a breeze.

4. World-Class and Elegant Rooms

Henann Prime Beach Resort has a total 104 world-class elegant rooms. 50 rooms are located on the Beach wing and the other 54 rooms are on the East wing (main road side).

Rooms at Henann Prime Beach Resort is at par with that of luxurious hotels in Manila.  High-end furnitures and fixtures are carefully selected making the rooms very functional and elegant. I personally love the attention to detail they have put into the rooms.

Here is my separate blog post for my review of Henann Prime Beach Resort’s Premier room. – Henann Prime Beach Resort Premier Room Review

The beach wing comprises of Premier room, Premier room with direct pool access and Grand room with sea view.

Tip: Book a room on the beach wing as it is the near to the beachfront.

Below are the standard amenities you get to enjoy if you book a room at  Henann Prime Beach Resort:

  • Separate toilet and bathtub
  • Safety deposit box
  • Telephone with IDD and NDD
  • Bathroom telephone
  • Personal refrigerator
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Electric kettle
  • Complimentary coffee
  • Daily complimentary water bottles
  • Bathrobes and slippers
  • Bidet spray in toilet
  • Hair dryer
  • Daily house keeping service
  • Laundry service (with a fee)
  • In room dining service
  • Henann Toiletries

Room Types at Beach Wing

Premier Room

Premier Room at Henann Prime Resort Boracay
Premier Room at Henann Prime Resort Boracay
  • located on 2nd, 3rd and 4th level
  • choice of 1 queen size bed and a single bed or 1 king size bed
  • approximately 36 sq. m.
  • veranda with a mini dining set
  • bathroom vanity area
  • 43 inch cable TV
  • WIFI access

Premier Room with direct pool access

  • located on ground floor
  • same features as Premier room plus it’s special feature of having a direct access to the beautiful pool

Grand Room with Sea View

  • beachfront view
  • 1 king size bed
  • approximately 56 sq. m.
  • veranda with a mini dining set
  • Spacious seating and wardrobe area
  • bathroom vanity area
  • large free-standing bathtub
  • 50-inch cable TV
  • WIFI Access
  • Ipod docking station

Room Types at East Wing

The East Wing rooms consist of Deluxe and Deluxe with direct pool access.

Deluxe Room

  • located on 2nd, 3rd and 4th level
  • 1 queen size bed and a single bed
  • approximately 40 sq. m.
  • same features as Premier room but are located on the main road side

Deluxe Room with direct pool access

  • located on the ground floor
  • 1 queen size bed and a single bed
  • approximately 40 sq. m.
  • same features as Premier room with direct pool access but are located on the main road side

Published room rates at Henann Prime Beach Resort 

The below published rates are generated from the Henann website and are generated as of this writing. Rates are inclusive of airport transfers and buffet breakfast. Please note that prices vary from the booking date and are subject to change.

  • Premier Room – 8,664 Php or Premier Room (triple)- 9,242 Php
  • Premier Room with direct pool access – 10,770 Php or Premier Room with direct pool access (triple)- 10,307 Php
  • Grand Sea View – 11,984 Php
  • Deluxe Room – 6,465 Php
  • Deluxe Room with direct pool access – 7,604 Php

Tip: Henann Prime Beach Resort offers Splendid Package promo rates inclusive of 2 nights and 3 days stay, buffet breakfast, buffet dinner and airport transfer.  Jen and I compared the promo rates and found that these are indeed cheaper than the published rates. We booked a Splendid Package for lean season for 16,995 Php all-in. Alternatively, you may also book discounted and cheaper Henann Prime Beach Resort room HERE.

5. Delectable Food at Sea Salt Cafe

If Henann Regency Resort & Spa in Station 2 has Sea Breeze Cafe, Henann Prime Beach Resort’s very own Sea Salt Cafe boasts its delicious selection of dishes, pastries and drinks.

View from Sea Salt Cafe
View from Sea Salt Cafe

Dining in at the Al Fresco Sea Salt Cafe is incomparable to any dining experience in Boracay’s popular restaurants. Located in front of Henann Prime Beach Resort’s property, you get to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view of white sand beach.

A post shared by Ed Puno (@onearmedwanderer) on

A post shared by Ed Puno (@onearmedwanderer) on

Sea Salt Cafe offers Filipino, Asian and Western cuisine.

Buffet breakfast at Sea Salt
Buffet breakfast at Sea Salt

Breakfast buffet is from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM and costs 549 Php (approximately $11). Dinner buffet on the other hand starts at 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM and costs 695 Php ($14). Sea Salt Cafe also offers 10% discount for in-house guests! If you drink, Sea Salt Cafe has a happy hour, buy 1 take 1 on selected beers and cocktails from 5 :00 PM to 7:00 PM.

I will write a separate blog post on my review of buffet breakfast and dinner at Sea Salt.

6. Uniquely Beautiful Pool

Henann Prime Swimming Pool
Henann Prime Swimming Pool at Beach Bing













Compared to its sister resorts Henann Regency Boracay and Henann Resort Alona Beach Bohol, Henann Prime Beach Resort is smaller. which makes it more quiet and private. Nonetheless, Henann Group of Resorts utilized its limited real estate and made 2 unique and beautiful pools on each wing of the resort. For the safety of its guests, pool opens and 7:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM.

7. Peaceful Location

Based on stories from people I know, I must admit that I pictured Boracay as a party place. I was wrong. There is still an area in Boracay white sand beach that is relatively less crowded, calm and peaceful.  Being in station 1, which is a bit far from the crowded and busy stations 2 and 3, Henann Prime Beach Resort is a haven to those who want to relax. There are less tourists walking in the beachfront and there are no bars or party places nearby.

Overall, I enjoyed my very first visit in Boracay island. I must say that a huge part of the positive experience was because of us staying at Henann Prime Beach Resort. The airport transfers were hassle free, the room was elegant, beachfront was breathtaking and of course the customer service was superb! Henan Prime Beach Resort in Boracay is truly a perfect hotel if you are visiting the beautiful island of Boracay!

Henann Prime Beach Resort

  • Address: Station 1, Beachfront, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, 5608 Philippines
  • Resort  Office contact number:+63 36 288 9200
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: wwww.henann.com
  • Book your discounted Henann Prime Beach Resort room HERE.